Exposing the So-Called ‘Red China’ (Trotskyite) Network! (9.12.2022)

Author’s Note: As an academic who is asked to look at (and comment on) 101 different things each day relating to ‘China’ – my attention was recently drawn to a laughable US attempt at manipulating Overseas Chinese people by establishing a ‘Trotskyite’ (Chinese language) website ‘pretending’ to be a ‘Maoist Resistance Movement’ to the Communist Party of China (CPC)! Here’s the twist – this capitalist-friendly, ‘White’ and US-derived Trotskyite piece of debris – is masquerading under the guise of a very poorly constructed idea of what a deluded and greed-riddled European mind ‘believes’ a ‘disgruntled’ Chinese ‘Resistance Movement‘ to be! NO – the ‘Red China Network’ is anti-China ‘RACISM’ personified! One criticism I deliberately omitted in my (below) unanswered email was the inclusion by the ‘Red China Network’ of pro-Falun Gong Cult propaganda (amidst its peppering of Lenin’s work with Trotsky’s contradictory comments)! Those that read my writings regularly will already know that this is my ‘Speciality’ subject – with the bulk of my anti-Falun Gong Cult work being freely accessible HERE! This inclusion by the so-called ‘Red China Network’ is so damning and revealing that I was leaving the mentioning of it as an incredibly effective and damaging counter-right cross (as seen in Western Boxing) – should the US (White) spotty teenagers that administer this government funded aberration decided to be ‘feisty’ in their denial of my exposure! I have fed this poor excuse for a political debating shop through a ‘universal translator’ for those who feel so inclined to explore the site in ENGLISH! As always, think for yourself. ACW (9.12.2022)

Dear RCN

I live in London and am an academic with Mainland and Chinese diaspora connections. I am an expert in the forensic translation of Chinese language texts into modern English, etc. I specialise in the study of Chnese political and religious philosophy.

Doutbless, you can find my work on the English language internet as I make no secret of my Communist Party Membership. And so to business.

1) I note that your email and website addresses are registered in the US – a racist, capitalist enemy of China, modern and ancient – and that its anti-CPC (and anti-China) content has a ‘strong’ British component!

2) The Chinese language Red China Network website publishes Trotskyite articles. Trotsky was anti-Chinese, anti-Marxist-Leninist and pro-leftwing capitalist. He was, in effect, anti-Maoist whilst requesting his followers (during 1938) ‘unite’ with the Catholic Church and the International Fascist Community in any future attack upon the USSR. Whilst founding his so-called ‘Fourth International’ – he called upon Citizens of the USSR to break the law and carry-out terrorist attacks upon the Soviet State.

3) The Red China Network website features articles from the ‘Revisionist’ British centre-left newspaper the ‘Morning Star’ – which pursues a ‘pro-White’ anti-China agenda throughout its eurocentric articles that pander to the Trotskyite (British) Trade Unions. This newspaper is linked to the equally ‘revisionist’ Communist Party of Britain (CPB) – which continues its agenda of supporting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine whilst recently attempting to develop closer ties with the Communist Party of China (CPC) – doing absolutely NOTHING about the anti-China racism that still exists in its ranks!

4) The Red China Network propagates the myth that the understanding and application of Marxist ideology should stay exactly the same for all time (and ‘unchanged’) despite the changing and evolving socio-economic conditions throughout the world. In other words, the Mao Zedong Thought of sixty-years ago should remain ‘unchanged’ and be the Mao Zedong Thought of today! As the CPC applies Marxist dialectics differently today to the manner in which Marxist dialectics was applied sixty-years ago in China – the incorrect Red China Network claim is that the contemporary CPC has ‘betrayed’ the Chinese Revolution! 

I suspect the reality is that the Red China Network is a ‘White’ Counter-Revolutionary (Trotskyite) Front that has formed a power-base in the capitalist West. Its purpose is to camouflage Western anti-China racism and project the false impression that the victims of anti-China racism (i.e. the ‘Chinese’) are ‘responsible’ for this racism – and that the only answer is the re-establishment of capitalism within China! Of course, I could be wrong, but I doubt I am.

Kind Regards

Adrian Chan Wyles