The Spectres of ‘Dead’ Ukrainians are Haunting Europe! (26.11.2022)

There Are Many Ukrainian Bodies Throughout the Border Areas of Donbass!

The reality is that the post-1945 socio-economic space that allowed the US to ‘grow’ into a dominant world power – also generated the conditions which laid the foundations for the permanent (and ‘unnatural’) continuation of the ‘greed’ of the capitalist system – which has created a sense of mental illness in the West (usually positively reinforced as ‘anti-Communism’) that has negatively altered the basic functioning of the Western mind! This base mental illness underlies the myriad mental health issues that the capitalist system has quite naturally produced – and has also served to ‘intensify’ and highly ‘focus’ how this psychological and emotional dissonance and dysfunctionality works and operates! In other words, the strength and nature of the mental aberrations the capitalist system has generated since its inception (some four-hundred years ago) – was dramatically ‘altered’ in the post-1945 socio-economic space – as an empowered United States borrowed heavily from German Nazism and Japanese (Fascistic) Imperialism to fight what it erroneously perceived as a conventionally ‘external’ threat from the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, German Nazis and surviving Japanese Servants of Hirohito (all confirmed War Criminals) were propelled into positions of great power and influence throughout the West – occupying leading roles in NASA and NATO – or served as martial arts or Zen teachers! Churchill even had 10,000 Ukrainian members of a notorious SS Regiment quietly relocated to Scotland to escape Soviet Justice – many accused of mass rape and paedophilia!  

This is the mental illness that eventually defeated Lenin and Stalin’s best efforts to keep the working-class in control of its own destiny in Russia at the end of 1991! Since that time to this (some 31 years) – the former USSR (which used to be held together by the perpetuation of the ideology of ‘Internationalism’) has been broken-up by the poison that is Bourgeois ‘Nationalism’ – which is designed to support the hyper (selfish) individualism which serves the predatory capitalist system! This explains how Neo-Nazi ideology has permeated all areas of the former USSR and has assumed various forms of political power in countries such as the Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and many other Eastern European areas! Although Russia aligns itself with the Victory of the USSR over Nazi Germany (and Imperial Japan) during 1945 – the USSR was not just ‘Russia’ and comprised many other countries. Indeed, the Soviet Victory was an ‘Internationalist’ accomplishment achieved by a properly unified and correctly directed working-class. A ‘Nationalist’ Russia had nothing to do with this Victory and it is odd to see ordinary Russians expressing exactly the same fascistic attitudes as those found within the Ukraine – whilst simultaneously perpetuating the propaganda that Russia is yet again ‘fighting’ fascism! Russia is a capitalist country and the Bourgeoisie that now controls it has no real interest in confronting or beating fascism – as the ‘new’ game is all about the ‘old’ game of invading and controlling territory (the essence of ‘imperialism’)! 

The mental illness recorded on the film above – shows an area whereby well-armed and well-equipped Ukrainian soldiers were killed in earlier battles with Russian (or Chechen and/or LPR, DPR ‘Allied’) soldiers – with their fully dressed bodies simply being ‘left’ in-place and untouched. As a consequence, many have become skeletonised in their dying positions. As the nature of war tends to produce dead bodies – it might be convincingly argued that this is to be expected – and this would be correct. These soldiers may well have been killed by bullet or bayonet – or perhaps caught on the very edge of some type of explosive power (as their bodies and equipment are fully intact)! What the Russian cameraman further explains is that this is a fluid frontline area that has seen much hand-to-hand ‘bayonet’ fighting with its occupation (and ‘control’) changing sides on a regular basis. However, what is also observed is that occupying ‘living’ Ukrainian soldiers held these entrenched areas whilst eating and sleeping – whilst sitting, standing and lying next to the corpses of their fallen Comrades – whose bodies were NOT recovered or treated with respect! Surely this is yet another example of the ‘mental illness’ that the capitalist system has ‘normalised’ and serves as the water the Bourgeoisie take great pleasure in making us all swim within!