Soviet Photographs of Venus (1982)


Venera 13 (left) Venera 14 (right)


NASA has never been able to send a probe to land on Venus because it could not solve the problem of the immense gravity on the planet, which has the potential to ‘crush’ any mechanical device sent from Earth. Even today, NASA is unable to send a probe to Venus. In November, 1981, however, the Soviet Union launched two probes – Venera 13 on the 30th of October, and Venera 14 on the 4th of November – both of which landed successfully on the surface of Venus. ‘Venera’ is written in the Russian language as ‘Венере’, and translates as ‘Venus’. The probes were launched five days apart, and took four months to reach the orbit of venus. Both probes landed on the surface of Venus on the 5th of March 1982, around 950km apart. Each probe carried equipment such as:

Accelerometer, Impact analysis – Bison-M, Thermometers, Barometers – ITD, Spectrometer / Directional Photometer – IOAV-2, Ultraviolet Photometer,Mass spectrometer – MKh-6411, Penetrometer / Soil ohmmeter – PrOP-V, Chemical Redox indicator – Kontrast, 2 colour telephotometer cameras – TFZL-077, Gas chromatograph – Sigma-2, Radio / Microphone / Seismometer – Groza-2, Nephelometer – MNV-78-2, Hydrometer – VM-3R, X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (Aerosol) – BDRA-1V,X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (Soil) – Arakhis-2,Soil Drilling Apparatus – GZU VB-02,Stabilized Oscillator / Doppler Radio, Small solar batteries – MSB

Soviet scientists developed a titanium core for each probe which was designed to retain structural integrity for around 32 minutes after landing, but in reality each probe lasted 57 minutes. This allowed the Soviet computerised photographic equipment onboard to take extraordinary photographs and transmit this data back to Earth. The pressure to get all this exactly right was tremendous, as speed was of the essence. After 57 minutes, even the titanium cores were crushed to pieces and the Soviet Venera 13-14 Landers were no more. As can be seen, Venus has a thick, cloudy and ruddy atmosphere. To date, no other probe has been sent to the surface of Venus. Atmospheric pressure on Venus is 90 times higher than on Earth, and the temperature on its surface is about 460 degrees Celsius. As with all Soviet Space Missions, this was achieved without recourse to corporate sponsorship or the search for monetary profit. This was a scientific mission designed to further human understanding.






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Apparent Faster Than Light Travel by Modifying Space-Time


The work of Albert Einstein relativity theory states that it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second, or 6 trillion miles per hour. This seems impressive, but in cosmic terms it is very slow. The ‘light horizon’ is the furthest humanity can see at the moment, through its technology – and this has observed the beginning of the universe( which occurred around 13.8 billion years ago). This is the length of time – i.e. 13.8 billion years – that light energy has taken to reach the earth today. In reality, when scientists look at the universe at this point in its early existence, they are looking back in time. There may well be something beyond or behind this event (i.e. the ‘big bang’), but human science is not yet able to see beyond the ‘light horizon’. In other words, the science of light detection, although pivotal to human understanding, curently serves as a barrier to further knowledge of the universe. However, what has been seen at the edges of the universe, is the curious phenomenon of space appearing to expand (or stretch) ‘faster’ than the speed of light. This observation has led to the theoretical idea that it might be possible to traverse vast distances not by travelling at light speed, (or even faster than light speed), but by ‘warping’ time and space. A simple model of this would involve the development of a technology that ‘expands’ space behind a specially designed space-ship – whilst simultaneously ‘contracts’ space in-front of this space-ship. Predictably, NASA has ceased any and all research in this area. Although not literally travelling ‘faster than light’, the vast distances traversed in a very short period of time, could be measured in ‘light years’ – as if travelling faster than light. This method might involve the ‘cutting’ or ‘punching-through’ at a specific point in space – and immediately emerging millions or billions of light years away in another part of the cosmos.

Pareidolia: Perceiving Extra Significance


This is a NASA photograph of a stellar explosion from 2014. (Read: ‘Hand of God’ Spotted by NASA Space Telescope (Photo)). Although an entirely natural phenomenon, many ordinary people pursuing a theistic agenda, choose to see this image as the ‘Hand of God’ in operation in the universe – apparently putting on a show for NASA to report back to humanity! This image (probably an optical illusion caused by viewing events at long distances and through significant time delays), certainly does seem to be very similar to what an x-ray of a hand and lower arm might look like. Of course, there is no discernible reason why this should be an x-ray of a human hand, or that matter an act of god – but it is interesting to not that ‘natural’ phenomena have probably fuelled the human imagination for much of its evolutionary process. In the old days, it may be that such random associations gave humanity a definite advantage over other species that worked only from instinct. Seeing meaning in random arrangements of light and dark, and then ascribing a certain value to such associations is generally termed ‘pareidolia’ – a Greek word comprising of the roots ‘para’ (meaning ‘instead of’, or ‘as well as’), and ‘eidōlon’ (meaning ‘image’, or ‘shape’). In the context of this concept, ‘pareidolia’ refers to seeing (or hearing) meaningful images, sounds or patterns within natural or artificial structures, beyond or outside of the actual physical (or audial) parameters that define the object in question.. An example of this might be a water-stain on a stone-wall or barn door, within which the faithful discern the face of Mary or Christ – whereas non-believers simply perceive a damp patch. Pareidolia refers not to the human mind’s ability to clearly, correctly and reliably discern the exact physical (or audial) parameters of an object, (which is the basis of material science), but rather to the human habit of ‘projecting’ an extra significance upon an object which does not exist in the physical world. This means that throughout the exercise of pareidolia – the human mind is engaged in projecting ‘imagined’ content onto a physical object – whilst assuming this extra content exists a priori in the physical object itself, and has had nothing to do with the mind that has generated it. What I find interesting, is that the ability to see objects clearly, is also the basis for ‘seeing’ or ‘projecting’ extra significance upon an object that might not be there. It could well be that this ‘projecting’ has been an important component of human evolutionary development, that in the past generated behaviours that benefited human survival as a species. Being ‘fearful’ of things such as unfamiliar terrain, dark forests or unexplored caves, etc, (assuming all kinds of nasty or deadly hidden attributes), may well have contributed to human survival, whether or not an ‘actual’ threat existed. This evolutionary response developed into religion, whereby gods and spirits were seen everywhere, and finally into modern science where physical objects were discerned exactly for what they are – free of any projected imagination. However, seeing extra significance as patterns, might well be an important factor in mathematics, whereby new understandings are developed from the old – simply because they were ‘imagined’ as existing – before they are proven to ‘actually’ exist. Therefore, the human habit of ‘pareidolia’ might well be crucial for the future development of scientific understanding, providing it is developed beyond the dogmatic, and into the progressive. Finally, religious imagination is not necessarily a bad thing, particularly if it generates the more noble qualities of the human mind. It could be that a religious individual could well see two dimensions at once when discerning an object; a concrete physical image (the basis of science), and an ethereal representation (the basis of religion, and perhaps scientific progression).  This area needs more exploration and development, but it requires a moving beyond the current limitations that define human understanding. Multidimensional ‘seeing’ is not an error – even though its application needs defining and its function more precisely developed. Seeing extra significance where none exists might be incorrect in one instance, but might be applicable in another set of circumstance (as of yet undefined). It is true that virtually all scientific advancement has come from individuals ‘imagining’ something different to what exists today, and working upon their speculative ideas until they become a material reality.

Andrei Sokolov: Soviet Tractor Factories & UFO’s


(Translation and Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Author’s Note: This article is an English translation (of extracts) of the original Russian language ‘Pravda’ article written by Andrei Sokolov and entitled ‘Советские НЛО делались на тракторном заводе Читайте больше на’, or ‘Soviet UFO’s Constructed in Tractor Factories’. Carl Jung once commented that UFO’s might well be Western humanity’s attempt at reconciling Judeo-Christian theology with modern technology (hence the ‘halo’ shape of the craft, and the mystical and transcendent nature of the sightings), and that many sightings are in fact mind generated and do not exist in the physical environment. This analysis remains valid even if a natural phenomenon is being observed and ‘mistaken’ for a UFO. Whatever the case, the notion that ‘unidentified flying objects’ are a priori ‘alien’ space craft visiting the earth for either progressive or regressive purposes, is pure fantasy without a single shred of evidence. Of course, Carl Jung was a bourgeois philosopher of psychological theory, and remained staunchly ‘anti-Communist’ throughout his career, and has been accused of holding pro-Nazi German and anti-Semitic viewpoints by various Western commentators. This explains why Jung partly explained the world-wide UFO phenomenon as being partly generated by the Communist countries (which Jung described as ‘Prison Camps’), through the paranoia and fear such regimes apparently elicited in the minds of humanity. Jung never acknowledged the USSR’s victory over Nazi Germany or its ending and exposing of the holocaust (an effort that cost between 27 million-40 million Soviet casualties during WWII). The irony is that the bourgeois freedom Jung enjoyed throughout much of his life was brought with Soviet blood. However, from a strictly logical perspective, an ‘unidentified flying object’ is just that – an object that appears to be suspended in the sky – the identity and origination of which remains unspecified. Probably around 95% of all UFO sightings are either deliberate hoaxes, or misinterpreted natural phenomena.  The other 5% remain unexplained due to the circumstances surrounding the sighting, and the quality of the evidence provided, but there is every reason to believe that a logical explanation can be eventually provided, given enough advances in technological equipment. This process of debunking the ‘alien’ myth has gone on ever since the 1950’s, where quite extraordinary ‘disc-like’ objects were filmed moving across the sky.  Sooner or later, as computer technology improved, these interesting pieces of film footage were revealed to be merely ordinary ‘terrestrial’ aircrafts, with the problems of light, angle, distance, terrain and atmospherics naturally combining to create the optical illusion of a saucer-shaped object (which nevertheless still moved across the sky ‘like a plane’).  Andrei Sokolov’s article exposes the UFO ‘myth’ of religiosity, and confirms that UFO’s were first constructed in the USA as a means to ‘terrorise’ and ‘confuse’ Soviet citizenry. Sadly, for Carl Jung, his childish and prejudiced attitudes toward Socialism are exposed as being the product of the very dysfunctional archetypes his theory of mind advocates to explain abhorrent human behaviour. Where necessary, I have added explanatory notes to chosen extracts of Sokolov’s excellent narrative. Interested readers are advised that Andrei Sokolov’s article contains much more technical detail than I have had time to translate here, but as he states his work is also available in English, this can be accessed elsewhere. ACW 17.1.2017

The UFO phenomena in the West is premised upon the mystery of Judeo-Christian theology and its inversion of logic. Briefly stated, the UFO is symbolic of god’s prophet returning to earth, with its alien pilots possessing a higher technology that works ‘miracles’ on planet earth. The UFO’s are from their obviously technological and culturally advance planets and cultures that are the ‘god’ premise, or divine origination of the UFO vehicle and its mission to spread the ‘gospel’ of inter-galactic consciousness.  Furthermore, in accordance with the Marxist analysis of the bourgeois mind-set, reality is inversed, so that it is falsely believed that ‘mind’ (or ‘spirit’), through an act of ‘will’ can create or manipulate matter.  This explains the ‘ethereal’ nature of most UFO observations and alleged encounters with alien beings. In this regard, UFO sightings that are not misreading natural phenomena in the environment, are in effect purely ‘psychological’ events conveying (and imaginatively projecting) the cultural conditioning of the observer. This interpretation reveals the UFO subject as something akin to a ‘modern’ religion premised upon ‘faith’ (being fully inaccordance with its Judeo-Christian underpinnings).  As this was understood in the USSR, and given that the Soviet Union rejected the inverted mind-set throughout its culture and education system, it is highly unlikely that Soviet citizens would ‘project’ the same (capitalist-derived) mythology upon the environment (and natural events). This scenario is born-out by the observation that generally speaking, very few UFOs were witnessed over Russia prior to WWII, or if they were, they were not interpreted as ‘UFO’, but rather as potential ‘foreign’ incursions into Soviet air-space, or as atmospheric or weather conditions, etc. This held true even after the late 1950’s, when the Soviet space programme reached its peak and set the agenda for world science and space exploration. As Soviet culture operated through a ‘non-inverted’ mind-set, the Soviet population did not resort to religious mythology to explain natural phenomena.  In fact, progressive thinking would dominate in the USSR until the mid to late 1980’s, when President Mikhail Gorbachev pursued his policy of ‘destroying’ the Communist Revolution in Russia, and returning the Soviet people to the status of ‘wage-slaves’ within the capitalist system. A population operating through an inverted mind-set (i.e. ‘false consciousness’) lacks the cognitive ability to a) understand how the existential capitalist system operates, and b) muster the correct working class intelligence to collectively plan its other-throw.  The bizarre idea that UFOs are ‘alien’ space-crafts from distant planets is merely a new form of religion relevant for advanced capitalist functionality. The people remain ‘alienated’ from their ‘true’ psychological and physical essence due to class exploitation, just as they ‘imagine’ being ‘abducted’ by vague alien forces they can neither fully comprehend or control.  The UFO phenomena is in reality an updated version of the Judeo-Christian religion, but one made relevant for post-industrial, technologically modern and post-modern times.

Although the Soviet Union did not adhere to the bourgeois delusion of the Western-generated UFO craze, nevertheless, reliable Russian language sources report that the incidence of unusual atmospheric anomalies did appear to increase during the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Of course, during the US initiated Cold War, Soviet air-space was routinely ‘compromised’ by various Western spy planes, drones, missiles and other devices. The Soviet response was not a retreat into the psychological and physical ‘paralysis’ of religiously inspired mythology, but instead engaged the human intellect, and through scientific innovation, designed and developed better systems of detection and counter-measure. The Soviet response was to answer ‘uncertainty’ with ‘logic’.  This is significant, as on March 23rd, 2007, the esteemed Russian newspaper ‘Pravda’ published an article by Andrei Sokolov, entitled ‘Soviet UFO Made in the Tractor Factory’.  This article rejected completely the notion that UFOs were alien space-crafts from distant galaxies, comprised of unusual technology from an advanced extra-terrestrial culture. In other words, Andrei Sokolov retained a ‘scientific’ analysis during his assessment of the UFO issue in Russia, and rejected the religiously inspired ‘myth’ that surrounds this issue in the West (this is despite the fact that Andrei Sokolov does profess a ‘faith’ in Christianity). In fact, Andrei Sokolov is of the opinion that the first UFOs originated not on a far-off planet, but rather in 1940’s USA, and were a technological development of that (capitalist) country designed for the ‘stealthy’ and ‘illusive’ penetration of Soviet air-space, primarily for ‘spying’ and ‘counter-revolutionary’ purposes. One function of these man-made devices was to import the religious (and bourgeois) myth into the Russian mind-set that ‘space travellers’ were visiting the earth, in an attempt to re-establish inverted thinking amongst the general population, and over-turn the Communist Revolution of 1917. If a fixation on a non-existent threat from ‘deep space’ could be established in the USSR, then the USA could continue to build its anti-Communist strategy (and tactics) primarily ‘away’ from the gaze of the Soviet Intelligence Services. Andrei Sokolov states that the earlier flying saucers lacked the ability to fly great distances in straight-lines, and so were delivered into Soviet air-space from submerged US submarines, and that this explains why some UFO sightings appear to have taken place at sea.  However, as technology advanced, this delivery system was often replaced with short flights into the USSR across national borders. However, the US not only targeted the USSR with these ‘flying discs’, but also regimes that were antagonistic to US foreign policy. One such country was post-revolutionary Iran, the scientists of which reported to the Soviet Government (during a ‘Congress of Philosophy’ held at Moscow State University), that there had been a significant surge in UFO sightings around their developing nuclear reactors.  This issue was further discussed at a Seminar of Science and Para-science at the same university.  Andrei Sokolov further states that the USSR eventually developed its own version of these ‘flying discs’, as a means to spy on the US (and its allies), and continue to ‘confuse’ the capitalists by continuing to propagate the ‘myth’ (and accompanying ‘fear’) of the threat of inter-galactic invaders.

In 1989, as the infrastructure of the USSR was beginning to unravel and fall apart, there was a tremendous increase in UFO activity over Moscow and other areas (as recorded in de-classified KGB files), involving spinning, metallic discs with flashing lights that travelled at incredible speeds or suddenly stopped dead and changed direction, etc. Andrei Sokolov was interested in aerodynamics and the design of flight capable technology, because of this he attended the Physics Department of the Krasnoyarsk State University. During this time (in 1995), he successfully theorised a basic flying disc design that mirrored the UFOs of the 1940’s in the US. However, when he approached the academic authorities with his breakthrough, he was discouraged to continue, and was even told that he should not pursue this line of enquiry due to national security issues.  Andrei Sokolov did not heed these warnings, but instead continued his research independently, gathering information from libraries, writing articles, and uploading all the information onto the internet (in Russian and English), as well as publishing the results in book form.  From that time onward, Andrei Sokolov received hundreds of emails from around the world, but one that particularly took his attention was from a man named ‘Danko Priymak’ – the former chief engineer at a ‘secure’ tractor factory situated in Pavlodar (Kazakhstan). Danko Priymak explained that UFOs were man-made ‘advanced technology’, and that the Kazakhstan area was in fact a highly militarised and ‘top secret’ zone, where the USSR carried-out all of its most progressive scientific programmes. The most promising scientists (and their families) were moved to self-contained ‘cities’, and given every material advantage as an encouragement to pursue their technological breakthroughs. (This is where the Soviet space-shuttle was based, and where it still resides in its hanger today). After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Danko Priymak left the ‘new’ capitalist Russia and quietly went to live abroad, but he made it clear that in his tractor factory, the Soviet military produced a number of ‘flying disc’ machines to counter the US threat.  When Andrei Sokolov’s ideas spread to the West, they were often attacked by those that supported the ‘extra-terrestrial’ mythology of the UFO phenomena, but every so often Sokolov would receive support from notable researchers such as the NASA expert James Obert. This is where Sokolov heard of the ‘electro-kinetic engine’, and encountered how the US system’s official position of UFOs was one of deliberate obscurity and the encouragement of confusion in the minds of the ordinary people. However, after the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), issued a communique (after years of research) stating that humanity was alone in the universe, and that talk of ‘aliens’ was US propaganda, the Soviet Authorities started developing their own ‘flying discs’ during the 1960’s and 1970’s. This was when the Soviet Authorities started issuing popular and academic articles extolling technological advances, and diverting people’s attention away from the ‘alien’ mythology. This process allowed some aspects of advanced Soviet technology to be made common-knowledge as a means to demonstrate just how powerful the ordinary human mind could be. For instance, the popular journal ‘Techniques of Youth’ published an article on the civilian use of secret technology – about the electropulse defroster, which was used on the wings of IL-86 (to defrost ice). Whereas early UFOs tended to ‘vibrate’, the later versions operated within a stable vortex, and were constructed of a malleable (sometimes radio-active) metal that improved in design over the years.

The US managed to pull-off this technological hoax because it deliberately pursued two distinct currents of aircraft design – one was the ‘open’ conventional aeroplane design – whilst the other was the ‘closed’ design of the much more efficient ‘flying discs’ and their electro-kinetic engines. The former was presented as ‘terrestrial’ and mundane, whilst the latter was conveyed as ‘extra-terrestrial’ and extraordinary. In reality both designs emerged from the same human mind and there was nothing ‘alien’ about any of it.  UFOs, like their aeroplane cousins, are nothing but human-designed aircrafts, designed to fly primarily within the earth’s atmosphere (although some models could ‘high orbit’). The point is that if the delusion and mythology is swept away, then it becomes apparent that UFO technology is not ‘special’ or ‘unique’, but the product of the rational human mind given full support during scientific endeavour. Meanwhile, in 1998 a book was published entitled ‘The Science of Aviation’ written by Andrej Vitko – a teacher at the Moscow Aviation Institute, and an expert in the design and use of ultra-high frequency devices. This enabled him to develop the theory that describes these energy efficient wingless flight vehicles, which he calls ‘open acoustic resonators’.  Of course, the US government (that launched the UFO hoax) will not openly admit its complicity in this deception (due to the ‘advanced’ nature of the technology involved), but has slowly but surely allowed certain aspects of UFO knowledge into mainstream media, disguised as ‘science fiction’ TV series or Hollywood films.

Russian Language Article:

Andrei Sokolov – Soviet UFO Made in the Tractor Factory (Pravda 23.3.2007)


Suspected Alien Base on the Moon Photograph Leaked


Original Article By: 

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The launch of the Apollo 17 space mission in December 1972 was the last time that the USA landed humans on the Moon. In fact the safe return of the Apollo 17 mission marked the end of the Apollo Space Programme. Although the Soviets were in the advanced stages of planning to land a Cosmonaut on the Moon, that mission never took place, and for many years after the Apollo missions the USA never sent another manned mission to the Moon. One viewpoint for this is that all 25 of the US astronauts who went to the Moon witnessed UFOs, and advanced technology of extra-terrestrial origin. This contact with a vastly superior civilisation apparently caused a reaction of ‘fear’ in the minds of the US astronauts and NASA was ordered by the US Government to discontinue its plans for further manned flights and not go back to the Moon.

In 1973 NASA started to publish some of its findings from its Moon missions, and it is believed a secret statement was released to officials stating that all 25 US astronauts on the Apollo Programme reported seeing UFOs on the surface of the Moon, or in flight above the surface of the Moon. The former Director of the US Space Programme to the Moon – Dr Wernher von Braun – has gone on record as stating that during his lifetime several Apollo Missions reported contact with UFOs. These objects were monitored because of their presence and unusual activity which appeared extra-terrestrial in nature. This opinion received backing in 1979 when the former Director of NASA Communications Maurice Chatterton also stated that contact between US astronauts and UFOs was ‘normal’ and not unusual. This information (and more like it) has developed into a conspiracy theory that suggests that both the Soviets and the US were prevented from going to the Moon for decades through the fear of conflicting with an alien presence on the Moon that apparently includes not only flying machines, but entire bases for the superior alien technology to be stored, and alien life-forms to live in. This conspiracy theory suggests that there is an alien base (or bases) situated on the dark side of the Moon that is always facing away from the Earth and cannot be monitored or observed by Earth technology. This allows the aliens to study the Earth whilst not being seen themselves. The aliens can safely shelter out of harm’s way and appear and disappear as they please, using the Moon as a platform from which they can make investigations regarding the Earth and its biosphere. UFO researchers state that there are several alien bases on the dark side of the Moon. This year (2014) Japanese astronomers spotted several 500m to 1000m long black objects (that appeared to be ‘Z’ shaped) moving very quickly over the lunar terrain.

Original Chinese Language Article:



25名宇航员都遇到过月球UFO 1973年,NASA第一次公开了登月任务的一些结果。在一份秘密声明中,NASA称,所有25名参与“阿波罗”登月任务的宇航员都曾在月球上空遭遇过不明飞行物UFO。美国前登月计划负责人韦赫·冯布朗生前称,数次“阿波罗”登月任务都遭到某种地外神秘力量的监控。1979年,美国NASA前通讯主任莫里斯·查特连称,宇航员在月球上空和不明飞行物相遇是一件“平常事”。 月球上的UFO基地,旁边有UFO飞过 恐惧使美苏30年没有再登月 一种阴谋论观点认为,人类所有“载人登月任务”在30年前突然中止,是出于对在月球上存在的外星力量的恐惧。阴谋论者认为,月球是外星智能生物研究地球的最好平台,它距离地球不算太远,并且月球的一面永远面对地球,这意味着外星生物可以安全地栖身在月球的另一面。UFO专家称,月球黑暗的另一面有好几个外星生物基地,今年,日本天文学家就在月球表面拍摄到了好几个500米到1000米长的黑色物体,它们以Z字形的运行轨迹快速穿过月球表面。

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