Fuzhou: White Crane Fist Gongfu – Long Live the Communist Party of China! (8.11.2022)

Local People Practice White Crane Fist Martial Arts to Celebrate the 100th Abbiversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China (2021)!

As Mainland China was emerging from the Covid-19 Emergency (in 2021) – the Communist Party of China celebrated its 100th Anniversary since its founding – (with Lenin’s blessing) during 1921! Lenin – the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolshevik) – preferred to have a number of ethnic Chinese people (well-trained in gongfu) comprising the inner core of his Personal Bodyguard! Collectively – these ethnic Chinese bodyguards stopped hundreds of attempts at Lenin’s life – orchestrated by the Western Powers!

The Communist Party of China (indeed, the Marxist-Leninist [Maoist] Communist Party across the world) – dedicates itself to the protection and uplifting of women and children (whilst empowering and looking after many other oppressed, suppressed and exploited groups)! The martial arts above display was organised by the Xiamen Yongchun White Crane Fist Culture Research Association – together with a number of other White Crane Fist Training Halls located in the Fuzhou City area of Fujian province! The ‘White Crane Fist’ (白鹤拳 – Bai He Quan) is famous as being the foundational ‘Chinese’ Style of gongfu that modern Okinawan ‘Karate-Do’ is built upon!