The Hypocrisy of the United States On Socialist China’s 73rd Birthday! (2.10.2022)

Over a Billion People Celebrate the Defeat of Western Imperiaism and Racism!

The US has made use of anti-China racism for decades! The US led the way in the West with the ‘Chinese Exclusion Act’ of 1882 – which today takes the form of the US supporting the Falun Gong Cult, the Pro-Tibetan Movement, the lies of oppression in Xinjiang and the idea (perpetuated by President Biden) that Covid-19 was produced in a laboratory in Wuhan! The ‘White’ US government (which includes Kamala Harris) has encouraged the African-American community to assist White racism by continuously attacking people of apparent ‘Chinese’ descent! So-called ‘Black’ Christians sit back and allow this evil to happen just to preserve their little bit of the capitalist pie! Since 1945 the US Military has killed 20-30 million people around the globe in pursuit of its socio-economic policies! Within the US, tens of thousands die each year whilst gun violence and poverty stalk the land! Yes – American capitalism has existed since 1776 – and all it has accomplished is genocide, racism and mass impoverishment! America may congratulate China upon the success of its Socialist ‘Revolution’ – whilst the US supports rampant ‘Neo-Nazism’ throughout Eastern Europe – and particularly the Ukraine! Long Live Socialism! Long Live the People’s Revolution! Long Live Marxist-Leninist-Maoism!

A ‘Racist’ America ‘Congratulates’ a Socialist China in a Bizarre Turn of Events!
The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Protects China from Attack by the US!