China: Ministry Condemns US ‘Repression’ Allegations! (28.4 .2023)

China consistently adheres to the principle of noninterference in internal affairs and strictly abides by international law, respecting the judicial sovereignty of all nations.

In contrast, the U.S. consistently abuses extraterritorial and long-arm jurisdiction to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs.

“Who is the ‘world police,’ and whose law enforcement personnel engage in various forms of interference and repression worldwide? The world can clearly see that the label of ‘transnational repression’ is most appropriate for the U.S. itself,” the statement said.

The ministry urged U.S. law enforcement to immediately stop these accusations and judicial prosecutions against Chinese officials and to recognize the serious harm caused by this frivolous litigation.

The ministry demands that the U.S. immediately take measures to eliminate the negative impact of its actions and cease any other provocative and confrontational behavior, returning to normal law enforcement cooperation as soon as possible.

If the U.S. continues going down the wrong path, China will undoubtedly take firm and resolute countermeasures, the ministry said.

China: UK has No sovereignty, Jurisdiction or Right of “supervision” Over Hong Kong! (27.4.2023)

Xinjiang enjoys economic development, social stability, religious harmony and cultural prosperity and people there lead a happy life, she said. “These are facts for all to see, yet the UK side chooses to be oblivious to this and has deliberately smeared and slandered China. The status quo of the Taiwan Strait is that both sides of the Strait belong to one and the same China.”

She pointed out that the biggest threat to peace in the Taiwan Strait comes from the “Taiwan independence” separatist activities and the US connivance at and support for them. If the UK side wants sustained peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, it needs to strictly abide by the one-China principle and stand firmly against the “Taiwan independence” separatist activities.

“I want to reiterate that the Taiwan question and issues concerning Hong Kong and Xinjiang are purely China’s internal affairs which brook no external interference. We urge the UK to be prudent in its words and actions, stop making groundless accusations against China and interfering in China’s internal affairs, and do more things that are conducive to the development of China-UK relations and world peace and stability,” she said.

UN Strikes Down US Fabrications of ‘Xinjiang’ Human Rights Abuses! (7.10.2022)

“Turning a blind eye to these facts and truth, the United States and some other countries had fabricated and spread numerous lies and rumors, in an attempt to smear China, undermine Xinjiang’s stability and contain China’s development,” he said. “It is a typical example of political manipulation and the gravest violation of the human rights of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.”

Chen further stressed that so far, all country-specific resolutions of the Human Rights Council are aimed at developing countries, and the United States and some other countries, in disregard of their own serious human rights violations, are indulged in pointing fingers at others.

“This is typical double-standards. The international community must not allow any attempt to politicize or instrumentalize human rights issues, with a view to preventing multilateral human rights bodies from serving the political goals of certain countries,” the Chinese ambassador said.

(W. E. Talk) Why is Xinjiang’s Prosperity and Development the Most Powerful Counterattack to the US Political Conspiracy of “Containing China through Disrupting Xinjiang”? (3.10.2022)

The US sanctions are too numerous to list. In his 2019 book of Le Piége Américain (The American Trap), Frédéric Pierucci, a former executive of the French Alstom Group, has pointed out: “Since 2008, 26 companies have been fined more than US $100 million by the United States, of which 14 are European companies (five are French) and only five are US companies. The total fines paid by European companies to date have approximately exceeded US $6 billion, with French companies alone paying nearly $2 billion. Besides, six corporate executives were prosecuted by the US Department of Justice, of whom I am one.”

The Hypocrisy of the United States On Socialist China’s 73rd Birthday! (2.10.2022)

The ‘White’ US government (which includes Kamala Harris) has encouraged the African-American community to assist White racism by continuously attacking people of apparent ‘Chinese’ descent! So-called ‘Black’ Christians sit back and allow this evil to happen just to preserve their little bit of the capitalist pie! Since 1945 the US Military has killed 20-30 million people around the globe in pursuit of its socio-economic policies! Within the US, tens of thousands die each year whilst gun violence and poverty stalk the land! Yes – American capitalism has existed since 1776 – and all it has accomplished is genocide, racism and mass impoverishment! America may congratulate China upon the success of its Socialist ‘Revolution’ – whilst the US supports rampant ‘Neo-Nazism’ throughout Eastern Europe – and particularly the Ukraine! Long Live Socialism! Long Live the People’s Revolution! Long Live Marxist-Leninist-Maoism!

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