US Puppet Regime of South Korea Hands Over Bodies of Chinese Socialist Heroes! (16.9.2022)

Chinese Ambassador to the Republic of Korean (ROK) – Xing Haiming -pays tribute to the remains of the Chinese ‘Volunteer’ soldiers killed in the US War of Aggression in Korea (1950-1953) during a Handover Ceremony held at the Inchon International Airport, South Korea, on September. 16th, 2022. (Photographs: China News Service/Liu Xu)

2022-09-16 Editor: Li Yan

NOTE: The brave men and women of the ‘Chinese Volunteer Army’ (CVA) that flocked to Korea to stem the tide of US Neo-Imperialist aggression in the region between 1950-1953 – were armed with the superior political ideology of Marxist-Leninism (Maoism)! Yes – ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’ held back the capitalist aggression of the Western world – led by the fascistic United States and their lackeys – the Europeans! This is why North Korea is now free!