In Praise of Malcolm X – A True Revolutionary! (27.7.2022) 

When growing-up – Malcolm X – was far more than just a passing inspiration for me. He represented the most advanced manifestation of the Proletariat, and he did this as a man – a truly GREAT MAN – who happened to have inhabited a Black body and be born into the United States. Although he possessed the surname ‘Little’ – there was nothing little about his intelligence and ability to convey his thought and feelings in a coherent and non-inverted fashion. He evolved from the cult-like Nation of Islam (which took legitimate Islam and enthused it with an inverted White racism), to a mainstream Muslim who practiced Internationalism, Socialism and forgiveness without letting the White racists get away with what they were (and still are) doing! The Nation of Islam takes White racism and turns it back upon the White establishment. Everything the White racist wants – the Nation of Islam agrees with. Blacks and Whites should be separate, and Blacks and Whites can never live together in peace and harmony. All White racists believe this, and the Nation of Islam takes these ideas and makes them their own. Black people must voluntarily separate from Whites and Blacks must reject any White or Black attempts at ending racism – because racism is lifted-up as a universal norm that dictates evolution and decides all issues! 

Middle Eastern Islam rejects all of this fascistic garbage – even if such an attitude can (and does) empower some Black people living in the toxic and racist atmosphere of the United States. The ideology of the Nation of Islam enshrines White racism far better than any White person has ever managed to do – because the Nation of Islam uses the charade of ‘Black’ empowerment as a means to persuade Black people (the victims of White racism) to voluntarily accept the parameters of White racism fiddled with around the edges to meet their own narrow objectives! Malcom X began his evolutionary journey in the Nation of Islam believing all this racist garbage – whilst simultaneously benefitting from the more progressive elements of the Islamic teachings. When he finally completed the Hajj and went to Mecca, Malcom X witnessed with his own eyes that Muslim people came from all over the world and were White, Black, Brown and Yellow! He was told that Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) was opposed to any form of racism and advocated universal love and forgiveness!  

“During my thirty-nine years on earth, the holy city of Mecca was the for the first time, the place where I stood before the Creator of all Things and felt like a complete person!” On April 13, 1964, Malcolm X left the United States on a personal and spiritual journey across the Middle East and West Africa. By the time he returned on May 21, he had visited Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco and Algeria.

This transformation is when Malcolm X rejected the Nation of Islam as a racist (homophobic and misogynistic) organisation. Furthermore, where he had once eulogised Elijah Mohammed as the ‘new’ messiah – Malcolm X now revealed that far from being a paragon of virtue – Elijah Mohammed had sired at least six children by getting eight teenage girls pregnant who had worked as his secretaries! When Malcolm X out-grew and rejected the racism of the Nation of Islam – he effectively signed his own death warrant. Although the White Establishment would tolerate a Black organisation that parroted a distorted version of White racism – it definitely would NOT tolerate a persuasive Black leader who was now expressing decidedly pro-Socialist rhetoric!  

Whereas the Nation of Islam advocated the Black community tearing itself apart and moving away from the White community – the idea of a) Black people effectively uniting with one another, and b) effectively uniting with all non-Black people – could not be allowed to happen as such a movement might be used to other throw the dominant White (capitalist) system and transform America into a Socialist State! At this point in his life, Malcolm X planned to report the US to the UN for withholding and/or violating the ‘Human Rights’ of African Americans (Malcolm X stated that Black people could not benefit from ‘Civil Rights’ in the US if they did not possess genuine and guaranteed ‘Human Rights’)! This would have been particularly embarrassing for the US which continuously accused Socialist regimes of violating ‘Human Rights’! To prevent this from happening, the Nation of Islam colluded with the White Establishment and had Malcom X murdered. To date, the US has still not been reported to the UN for violating the ‘Human Rights’ of non-White people – as such a report would have to also take into account the 20-30 million people killed around the world by the US military since 1945! End of story.  

Study the Words of Malcolm X! Clear Your Mind and Absorb His Wisdom!

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