Congolese People Rise-Up Against UN Tyranny! (28.7.2022)

The UN Flag is Burned in Protest Against UN Racism & Tyranny!

Congolese protesters burn the UN Blue Helmets flag, loot supplies, breakdown barricades – whilst targeting UN military vehicles!

Food is Liberated from UN Stores!

Protests broke out in the North Kivu region of the Congo aimed at the UN, the corruption of UN troops and the presence of International Forces in the North of the Congo!

UN Barricades Are Removed!

Конголезские протестующие сжигают флаг “Голубых касок” ООН

В Северном Киву вспыхнули протесты против ООН и коррумпированности их войск, против присутствия Международных сил на Севере Конго.

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