What the Russians Need to Understand About Britain! (7.7.2022)

A Resigning Boris Johnson Commits His Government to the Continued Support of Neo-Nazi Ukraine!

The majority of right-minded working class people in the UK DO NOT support the ‘official’ position of the right-wing (Tory) British government that has done so much damage and destruction to the ordinary people of the UK since 2010! There has been the complete dismantling of the British Welfare State and the brutal and ruthless privatisation of the National Health Service (NHS)! In 2016, a UN-led investigation confirmed that the Tories (and Lib-Dems) killed at least 120,000 people with disabilities through sudden Benefit cuts and cancellation of vital Social Services!

Britain and Russia Must Fight Neo-Nazi Together!

The British government refused to recognise the UN Report and continued to pursue these destructive (Neo-Nazi) policies – which have led to thousands more needless deaths! On top of this, massive poverty has swept the land as the vulnerable, unemployed and low-paid have nowhere to live and all Council Housing stock continues to be ‘sold-off’! Tens of thousands have died during the Covid-19 Crises (including thousands of unprotected NHS Staff) – partly due to GP Surgeries being forcibly ‘closed’ due to the fiction of attempting not to spread diseases! These GP Surgeries were then privatised behind the scenes and sold-off to healthcare providers in the US – which has resulted in further cuts to the already meagre resources! The GP Surgeries remained closed when the ordinary people needed healthcare the most – and surely this Tory policy must represent a ‘Crime Against Humanity’!

The Capitalist Societies Must Evolve Toward Socialism!

Whilst the working-class were deprived of their medical care – the Tories decreed that hundreds of thousands of people could congregate and move around together in Supermarkets – just to keep the Tory-supporting Supermarket bosses happy and still pursuing their capitalist profit-making! Apparently, whereas small numbers of carefully monitored people strictly traversing through GP Surgeries seeking medical treatment was a health risk – the equivalent of football crowds gathering together in poorly regulated ‘mobs’ in the furtherance of blatant profit-making – was not a risk to public health at all! All of this – and many other tragedies (such as the 2017 ‘Grenfell’ disasters) have led to ongoing oppression of the British working-class compounded by a betraying Labour Party determined to remove any vestiges of Socialism from within its ranks!

The Working-Class Will Inherent the World!

The Tories (and Lib-Dems), of course, supported President Obama’s ‘Nazification’ of Eastern Europe and especially of the Ukraine from 2014 onwards! This drive to move NATO’s borders ever nearer to Russia was certainly not supported by the working masses – just as the current Tory policy of opposing Russia and supporting the Nao-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime (acting out of Kyiv) is not supported by the British workers! All the Russians hear abroad is the pro-Ukraine propaganda the Tory government orders the BBC to broadcast – but this is nothing but a superficial exercise of power which the wise must look beyond and behind!

We Must Not Allow ‘Nationalism” to Defile ‘Internationalism’!

The Russian people should remember the Soviet principle of ‘Internationalism’ as existing prior to and during WWII! Just as the working-class of China exercises ‘Internationalism’ across the globe (and particularly toward the contemporary Russians), the modern Russians must look beyond the superficial ‘Nationalism’ which is sweeping their homeland as a response to the collective condemnation of the West! We – the working-class people of Britain – DO NOT support the Tory government’s arming and financing of the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime of Ukraine! We REJECT the continuous pro-Neo-Nazi propaganda broadcast by the bourgeois British media! The Ukrainians that have fled Donbass ARE NOT legitimate refugees (such as the Sudanese recently murder by the Spanish and Moroccans) but are fleeing WAR CRIMINALS! Do not support these people! The working-class of Britain STANDS with the people of Russia in her righteous fight against the US-backed Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime of Ukraine! Together we can defeat the Nazi menace yet again!

A Beautiful Past We Must Replicate in the Present!

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