Ukrainian Government Advisor ‘Poses’ In-Front of Nazi War Criminal ‘Bandera’ Portrait!

The culture of ‘Maidan’ West Ukraine is ‘riddled’ with far-right ideology and iconology a – a fact the Western media is being very careful not to report! In the above photograph is featured ‘Zoryan Shkiryak’ (Зорян Шкиряк) pictured with a portrait of the notorious Ukrainian Nazi collaborator ‘Stepan Bandera’ (in fact born an ‘Austrian Pole’) – who was born into a Greek Catholic family – and was responsible for assisting the Nazi Germans in the Ukraine with their mass-murder campaigns and the ‘Holocaust’. He was so brutal and extreme in his fanaticism that the Nazi Germans even temporarily imprisoned him – before unleashing him again upon the advancing Soviets (and their Ukrainian supporters). After WWII, and as with many collaborators with Nazi Germany – he was welcomed into the capitalist West. He was quite rightly assassinated in 1959 by the Soviet KGB agent ‘Bogdan Stashinsky’ (Богданом Сташинским) for his unpunished ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ committed during WWII in Ukraine! The Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime eulogise this War Criminal and his face appears throughout that regime’s propaganda. He was even granted certain governmental awards by the ‘Maidan’ government – another point of fact ignored in the Western media. This all matters because ‘Zoryan Shkiryak’ (Зорян Шкиряк) is the political ‘Advisor’ to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov (Арсена Авакова) – a ‘Maidan’ politician who is tasked with making important and life-changing decisions everyday for the population of West Ukraine (directly under his control), that ultimately (and ‘negatively’) effect the people of East Ukraine (who do not want to be subject to his Neo-Nazi dictates)! Indeed, Zoryan Shkiryak has written ‘Bandera – my hero!’ (Бандера — мой герой)!

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