The Falun Gong Criminality in the West Expands Rapidly as Covid-19 Restrictions Recede! (10.2.2022)

What the Western media has conspired not to report is that the US-supported Falun Gong Cult throughout Europe and the Americas – demonstrated its solidarity with the Western fascist, neo-Nazi and anti-Vax movements – as its members were ordered by Li Hongzhi in New York to ‘ignore’ all ‘lockdown’ measures and take to the streets as usual to seek-out converts and victims amongst the easily-led, the vulnerable and desperate!

Falun Gong Cult Member ‘Paralysed’ in South Korea by Baton Strikes!

A same story was to be seen throughout Russia and Eastern Europe – with even Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korea Special Forces deployed to literally ‘smash’ numerous and extensive Falun Gong Cult public displays! It is rumoured that across the world (outside of China) around one-hundred Falun Gong Cult members have been ‘killed’ by security forces acting in the public interest! This deadly action has been augmented by the mass imprisonment of at least another ten-thousand other Falun Gong Cult members caught breaking the law and putting the public health in mortal danger! To stop this Falun Gong Cult onslaught against public health – even the US government issued orders for the CIA to place the cult’s leader – Li Hongzhi – under permanent ‘house arrest’ with no means to ‘communicate’ with his lieutenants!  

Students in China Discuss ‘Shocking’ Falun Gong Cult Criminality!

As restrictions come to end – the Falun Gong Cult – smarting from this treatment it has received from its supporting national governments (and suffering from a severe loss of revenue as its other criminal activities such as people trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping, fraud, theft and murder, etc, have all been curtailed or reduced to ‘zero’) – have taken to the streets of the Western world with a renewed vigour after being given the ‘green light’ to propagandise against China during this important time of the Beijing Winter Olympics (2022)!

One particularly odious practice the Falun Gong Cult has resorted to is that of grown men waiting outside the UK’s schools and handing-out ‘racist’ anti-China literature to unsuspecting children at home time! What is worrying about this is that many of these schools are within the privatised ‘academy’ system – where children’s education has been ‘monetised’ – and the Falun Gong Cult is operating with the knowledge and permission of Head-Teachers! This arrangement protects these Falun Gong Cult members from any action from the police – as the school is a) ‘aware’ of their presence, and has b) granted ‘permission’ for this activity to take place under the false premise that the ‘racist’ leaflets are ‘educational’! 

After two-years of restrictions and cash-flow problems, Li Hongzhi has a number of issues that threaten his claim of being a ‘Buddha’ who can cure himself from all illness. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck North America – the US government ensured that Li Hongzhi (and his lieutenants) were at the front of the queue for a ‘Moderna’ vaccination (and ‘booster’)! The US thinking was that it was common knowledge that everything Li Hongzhi says is ‘bullshit’ – but it is ‘useful’ bullshit the Americans think they can use in its propaganda war against China!

Li Hongzhi “Covid-19 can be ‘blocked’ if you place your arms like this – and breath-deeply!”

The Last thing the Trump government wanted was a for a ‘divine’ Buddha to die of Covid-19 whilst denying the effectiveness of vaccinations (after being amongst the first to receive it), whilst sat on a cushion ‘pretending’ to meditate! This is why the Falun Gong Cult ‘denies’ the effectiveness of vaccinations whilst its upper echelons have all been vaccinated! All the ordinary members of the Falun Gong Cult not only have to give all their money, possessions and properties to the cult – but they must also demonstrate their ‘faith’ in Li Hongzhi’s mad utterances by ‘exposing’ themselves to infected Covid-19 victims – and defend themselves against the disease by practicing ‘deep breathing’! This is the madness our national governments are exposing our children and vulnerable people to! Be careful and KEEP AWAY from these people! 

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