Black History Month: Celebrating the Life of Wantez Jamel Tulloss! (2022)

The Latest in a Long-Line of ‘Black’ Violence in the US Aimed at Chinese Women!

The White bourgeoisie of America has achieved one of its greatest successes in combating Socialist ‘Internationalism’ and driving a wedge between the Black and Chinese communities. At various flash-points in the fight for racial justice in the US during the 1960s and 1970s – Black and Chinese people have stood together in the stark face of ‘White’ racial oppression – not so today! I have written elsewhere that since the murder of ‘Black’ George Floyd in 2020 (during a peak in Trump fascistic rhetoric and support) Chinese people (primarily ‘women) have been the targets of violent attacks carried-out by African-American men and women – with many ‘posing’ for ‘Selfies’ with the injured body of their victim – which were then uploaded to social media to be shared with other like-minded people! Why are Black leaders remaining ‘silent’ about this? The continuous anti-China racism and lies that emanates from the US government is responsible for this. There are NO Uyghur Concentration Camps in Xinjiang, Covid-19 DID NOT escape from a lab in Wuhan and the Asian police officer present at the murder of George Floyd was ‘Hmong’ and not ‘Chinese’! The ‘White’ establishment will package this as just another in a long line of ‘motiveless’ acts of violence to hide the true effects of their anti-China policy!

A Chinese language sources states: ‘According to the video, at around 6:30 pm on January 31 (Monday), Amazon Engineer living and working in Seattle – ethnic Chinese Wang Shengnan [王胜南] (who is known in the West as ‘Emma Shengnan Wang’) was wearing a black jacket and KN95 mask whilst walking on the street with a shopping bag in hand. Wantez Tulloss – after first noting she is ‘Chinese’ – slowly approached Wang Shengnan from behind, dropped the bag he was carrying to get a better grip of the baseball bat he was carrying with both hands – before smashing Wang Shengnan across the back of the head! Wang Shengnan fell to the ground helplessly, blood flowing from her ears, and then Tullos ran away with his bag. Tullos kept hold of the bat as he brought himself a slice of pizza to celebrate what he had just done…

Wang Shengnan is from China where her parents still live. Obviously, her parents were devastated when they were told the news. After the incident, bystanders stepped forward to help Wang Shengnan and quickly called 911. Subsequently, Wang Shengnan was sent to Harborview Medical Center for treatment. Wang Shengnan suffered a fractured skull and possibly a concussion, requiring surgery. Tullos, 31, is a homeless man who has been arrested 11 times since 2006, is wanted by Washington police for third-degree theft. Touros was arrested for burglary in 2006; first degree robbery in 2009; theft in 2011; domestic violence, reckless driving, theft, battery in 2013; domestic violence violation in 2015 Arrested on restraining order; again in 2016 for violating domestic violence restraining order; third in 2017 for violating domestic violence restraining order; also convicted of domestic violence and child abuse misdemeanour in Tennessee, but unclear The specific time.’

Chinese Language Source:

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