The US Government’s Continuous Broadcast of its ‘Anti-Socialist and ‘Anti-Intellectual’ Message! 

The US Working-Class ‘Expressing’ Its ‘Anti-Intellectualism’ as the ONLY Freedom the Bourgeoisie Allows!
US Anti-Intellectualism Disguised as ‘Feminism’!

America did not start out as a reactionary, right-wing aberration, this seems to have emerged, spread and consolidated with the development of a federal government structure that subsumed the constituent city ‘States’ (as that is what they were), into the very ‘unified’ bourgeois structure that the American colonists had thrown-off when originally breaking with direct rule from London in 1776. Of course, we must not heap too much praise upon this act – as it was merely one-part of a new and emerging bourgeoisie breaking from another (older) part – with both parts making use of the working-class to get their own greed-driven way. When a bourgeois revolution occurs, invariably the bourgeois factions vie with one another to seduce the working-classes with promises of this or that freedom – using the working-class as soldiers (who willingly ‘give their lives’) in pursuit of what always proves to be empty lies and an increased persecution! There is no freedom through bourgeois revolutions for the working-class! The bourgeoisie, like the aristocracy it usurped, are brutal in keeping their control of the means of production once they have it. In the ‘White’ settlement of the Americas the bourgeois already possessed the means of production and so what happened with the so-called ‘revolution’ was merely a shift from where that control was managed – in other words from London to Washington. The ‘American Revolution’ was nothing but an in-house conflict between the British bourgeoisie and the ‘White’ invaders it had sent out in its own name some two-hundred years earlier to steal the land and resources of another people. 

The US Bourgeoisie Does Not Need the Workers to ‘THINK’ But Only Work for Profit!
Lone Voices of Reason in the US Anti-Intellectual Wilderness!

Whilst effecting the mechanism of severing direct ties with the British bourgeoisie, the new powerful ‘American’ elite (who would be termed British ‘terrorists’ today), made all kinds of outlandish promises to the working-class in order to cement their loyalty and to encourage them as a body to ‘betray’ the land of their ancestral origin (indeed, for many ‘Britain’ was the land of their ‘actual’ birth)! The rise of (Marxist-Engelsism) Scientific Socialism in the 19th century barely touched the already staunchly anti-worker American State – a place where workers are brain-washed to view the oppression they exist under as something akin to a Christian ‘virtue’ and any attempt to confront or change this daily depriving of basic human dignity – as something approaching ‘devil’ worship! With the advent of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russian during 1917, the US government stepped-up its direct anti-Socialist rhetoric and participated in a military invasion of the Revolutionary Russian State in early 1918 (alongside the troops of Germany, Britain and over twenty other countries) and stayed there until the fledgling Soviet Red Army had inflicted a decisive military defeat on all elements of this bourgeois invasion. (One of the ironies of this Western incursion into Russian territory is that between April and November, 1918, British and American troops fought ‘alongside’ German troops in the international bourgeois fight against working-class Socialism – whilst working-class British, US and German troops continued to kill one another in the mud and filth of France and Belgium)! Meanwhile, thoroughly alarmed by the Soviet victory, the US government instructed Edward Berneys (the nephew of the famous Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud) with the task of constructing a ‘new’ type of addictive capitalism that would counter the allure of ‘Socialism’ and the prospect of the working-class taking control of the means of production. Berneys was highly effective in this task, combining brain-washing advertising with the ‘desire’ to ‘buy’ and ‘own’ goods that the working-class had no direct use for. This ‘Consumer’ capitalism combined elements of faith-based religion with economic oppression and mindless procurement – effectively starting a ‘new’ economic belief system which taught the working-class that they could only find psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual ease and contentment by ‘giving way’ fully to the bourgeois control of society. Implicit in Edward Berneys’ ‘new’ blue-print for US society was the idea that ALL the injustices and inequalities suffered and endured by the workers – was entirely ‘their own fault’ – and not the fault of the system within which they were forced to live. 

US Anti-Socialism and Anti-Intellectualism Leads Inevitably to US ‘Fascism’!
US Fascism is the Hyper-Individuality of Predatory Capitalism Writ-Large!

Therefore, the US government, since at least the 1917 Russian Revolution has perpetuated (throughout American society) this ‘inverted’ distortion of social well-being and social justice. This US government ideology is emitted from the seat of power in Washington DC like a continuously turning light of a great and unrelenting light-house – warning workers to keep away from the rocks of Socialism or face the disastrous consequences (remember the execution of the ‘Rosenbergs’ in 1953)! This anti-Socialist ideology is a distortion of reality and serves as the basis for US anti-intellectualism. The reality this ‘anti-intellectualism’ expresses is a deliberate fiction designed to infiltrate the brains of the working-class and disempower their collective will-power and acting mechanism so that no effective group cohesion can be generated in the material environment. This anti-Socialist (anti-intellectualism) states that ‘black’ is ‘white’ and vice versa with everyone blindly obeying this dictate upon reality and adding to the strength and power of the original (centralised) broadcast. The US government continues to broadcast this anti-Socialist (anti-intellectual) message from Washington regardless of whoever is in power and possesses the reigns of society. Marxist-Leninist Socialism is not only presented as ‘devil worship’ (so that the great Joseph Stalin is ‘ahistorically’ viewed as nothing less than the ‘evil Adolf Hitler’ without a flicker of an eye-lid), but the US government (after suitably ‘altering’ his dedicated archive held at Harvard) has replaced this truly worker-orientated ideology with that of Leon Trotsky and his hotch-potch of fascistic, anti-worker and pro-capitalist dictates! The US government perpetuates this message through the American education system, the media and now the internet. Since 1945, and as part of the price Europe had to pay for US assistance in re-building after WWII – the US government has been able to export its message of anti-socialism (and anti-intellectualism) beyond its geographical borders and into Western Europe (polluting and corrupting all the good academia that previously existed and which explained Marxist-Leninism in a good and effective light), and from 1991 onwards (following the collapse of the Soviet Union) – into Eastern Europe! The twist here, is that as it has spread into the former Communist Bloc it has ‘morphed’ (with the knowledge and consent of the US government) into a rabid anti-Russian neo-Nazism which is now the preferred ideology of the anti-Socialist and anti-worker American State! Furthermore, virtually every book that the US government ‘permits’ to be published and which purports to ‘expose’ the right-wingism and excessive control of society as exhibited by the American State – ultimately returns to form and re-states (and re-confirms) the US government’s anti-Socialist (and ‘anti-intellectual’) stance, proving that even this genre of literature is fully under the control of the very US government it purports to be exposing! Although the list of such books is endless, recent incarnations of this policy include ‘Chameleo’ by Robert Guffey (the author of which, refers to Hitler and Stalin as ‘being the same person’ and the ‘fascist’ ideology upheld by Hitler as being the same as the diametrically opposed ideology of ‘Marxist-Leninism’ as expressed by Joseph Stalin – conveniently forgetting that the USSR was an ally of the US during WWII or that the USSR suffered over 40 million casualties proving its ideology was ‘different’ to that inflicted by Hitler) and ‘The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder’ by Vincent Bugliosi (who expresses the very US ‘anti-intellectualism’ he is attempting to expose and dismantle – and who exemplifies this ignorance by not knowing the US military has invaded virtually every country he mentions it has not – including Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Cambodia and China [killing between 20-30 million people around the world between 1945-present], or that people in Socialist countries ‘were’ or ‘are’ inherently ‘freer’ than the average US citizen forced to live under predatory capitalism and whom ‘vote’ far more often and for a greater choice of reasons)! 

US Anti-Socialism and Anti-Intellectualism are STRONGER Than Death!

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