An Ode to Yuletide – The Trouble with Being European (18.12.2021)

Every European Should be Historically Ashamed

Xmas is past imperialism successfully congealment, 

Our European ancestors ‘lining their nests’ 

So that they (and their descendants) live well, 

And others around the world hardly live at all… 

Some of the Non-White ‘Millions’ Subjected to European Expansion!

Spreading the religion of love to those who do not need it, 

Destroys the love of religion that pre-existed the arrival of Europeans. 

One version (tipped with snow) replaced that (tipped with sunshine). 

Bend to this ‘rape’ of the mind – or risk bending to the rape of their bodies. 

Controlling the Working-Class in Europe

All the resources, valuables and usable commodities, 

All these things are placed on ships and transported to the West. 

Europeans are collectively enriched with the bourgeois 

Pocketing all this wealth and allowing a steading ‘drip’ to the working-class. 

Indigenous Wealth Moving Westward

God did not make the Europeans rich – the Europeans made themselves rich 

Throw brutal interaction with non-Europeans exchanging disease for hospitality, 

Raping women, girls, boys and men, and exchanging scarcity with unwanted off-spring. 

For all this murder and theft there are not enough apologies left in our collective hearts! 

European War Technology Enabled Imperialist Expansion

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