China: Honduras Severs (US Enforced) “Diplomatic Relations” with Taiwan! (26.3.2023)

School children in China learn about the mighty ‘Mayan’ Empire – and how these people lived (in part) on the territory of modern Honduras! The ancient Mayan people militarily resisted Western colonisation – fighting the invading Europeans every step of the way – even inflicting the occasional defeat on these better armed invaders (a process treated with a certain ‘racist’ distain and indifference by many Western historians)! Alongside the Inca people (and other non-White groups) – these indigenous peoples used their martial culture to defend themselves in an attempt to retain their freedom and self-determination. China respects the culture, history and self-determination of every country with the CPC striving to establish trade and peaceful co-existence! China will defend itself from ALL external (and artificially induced) ‘internal’ aggression – but has no interest in any attempt at colonial aggression! Peaceful co-existence is the only logical choice to build and maintain a robust and fair international system!

Canada: Racist Anti-China Policy Continues with Decoupling Attempt! (7.11.2022)

China will take necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, said the statement.

Chinese enterprise investment in Canada’s mineral sector is a business activity based on market economy principles and the development needs of enterprises, said the statement.

By generalizing the concept of national security, the Canadian side has artificially set up barriers and violated market rules, harming the commercial interests of relevant Chinese and Canadian companies and weakening global investors’ confidence in Canada’s investment environment. Canada’s stance has undermined its industrial development and the stability of the global mineral supply chain, said the statement.

Cross-Strait Intangible Cultural Heritage Exchange Event Kicks Off in Taiwan! (11.9.2022)

An exhibition of intangible cultural heritage from south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, one of the activities, opened on the same day, displaying the traditional outfits of the minority ethnic groups in Guangxi as well as some unique instruments, artworks and handicrafts.

Guests from the culture and tourism sector as well as the art and education circles of Taiwan attended the opening ceremony, which was held online and offline. They said they thought highly of the event and the exhibits, and that they were looking forward to deepening cross-Strait exchanges in the field of intangible cultural heritage.

Activities will also include a tea culture exchange event and a show exhibition of “Liu Sanjie,” meaning the third sister of the Liu family, which will feature a legendary Chinese folk singer from Guangxi, according to the organizer.

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