The Greatness of Paul Robeson!

This article is comprised of a number of excellent photographs I have discovered on the Chinese-language internet – Baidu – which records and celebrates the Revolutionary verve of the great Paul Robeson who stood-up the racism in the US a long-time before many others now respected or eulogised in the US! Why is Paul Robeson ignored? Why are many of his biographies written by others infected with a Trotskyism Paul Robeson fervently rejected? Why did his son – brought-up in the USSR – betray the memory of his father and migrated to the racist US that Paul Robeson saved him from? The answer is that Paul Robeson was a Marxist-Leninist and a supporter of the Soviet Union (under Stalin) and Communist China (under Mao Zedong)! The US (White) capitalist system rejected Paul Robeson and his Revolutionary viewpoints and unleashed upon him the most vicious campaign of racism that has still not been acknowledged or apologised for. Furthermore, many Black Americans living under the tyranny of White racism stil ‘rejected’ the Socialism of Paul Robeson and effectively betrayed him – taking the side of the White racists! Only in a Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin did Paul Robeson feel entirely ‘free’ of the White racism that enthuses the White race in every country they control! We remember Paul Robeson with pride and love!

Chinese Language Reference:

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