Email & Book Review: Jimmy Lee Shreeve – Human Sacrifice (19.9.2021)

Dear Jimmy

I came across your book – ‘Human Sacrifice’ – on Audible and was pleasantly surprised by the profoundly respectful tone of the piece and the diversity and fluidity of thought utilised to navigate such a potentially difficult subject matter. My academic background is in spiritual metaphysics and the machinations of religious and spiritual thinking – without necessarily believing in any particular theistic religion. I have an in-depth interest in Buddhism and am busy looking into my own mind so that I can ascertain the origins of conscious-life, conscious-being and conscious-dying. All I ever seem to see, however, is a deep and profound ‘love’ for existence and non-existence! I appreciate the manner in which you strive to present both sides without jeopardising the meaning of the subject at hand, whilst reminding the reader not to become trapped in cul-de-sacs of narrow-mindedness or perspectives of limited vision! Just to add to your narrative, the Catholic Church in Ireland has been notorious for the killing of orphaned children placed into their care – with the 800 remains of children found in the grounds of the Tuam Catholic Care Home in 2017 – with not one arrest or prosecution to date, even though it is common knowledge where the nuns have moved to. On the other hand, although I look ‘White’ (in fact, I am Anglo-Chinese) a Black gentleman once stopped me in Tooting and gave me his card which stated he is a ‘JuJu Man’ of the highest calibre as recommended by Tom Cruise! 

Best Wishes


Book Review – Unique to a Point…

The author is American and on occasion the cultural anti-intellectualism he has been brought up within shines through – despite his obvious efforts to remain balanced. He makes no mention of the recent academic report which states that the US military has killed between 20-30 million people around the world since 1945. Yes – that’s right – the US has sacrificed around 30 million people on the altar of predatory capitalism – but the author chooses to ignore this inconvenient fact. Although the USSR did the major share of the fighting against the Nazi Germans during WWII (sufffing 34 million casualties in the process), true to form the author instead equates Marxist-Leninism with Nazi German ideology as if the two modes of thinking were the same! It is unfortunate that the author almost gets through the entire book without making such a stupid and cardinal error as this – but it is an error that I feeo needs to challenge and corrected as it encourages and supports a completely false historical narrative within the mind of the average reader! Of course, he quite happily enjoys the freedom the Soviet sacrifice gave him – but also ignores the fact that Nazi German atrocities possessed a disturbing component of religiosity to them every bit as potent as the African traditions the author fixates upon. A good book sullied by the odd utterance of stupidity and an attitude that accommodates the evil behaviour of others far too readily. It is obvious from his websites that the author is quite willing to encourage religious ignorance as a means to make a quick buck.

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