US Neo-Imperialism: Who Controls the Taliban?

Taliban ‘Beard’ Police Infiltrate Those Without Suitable Facial Hair!

The Western media completely ignores the fact that the US founded, funded, armed and supported the Islamo-fascist ‘Mujahadeen’ during the 1970s. The US did this (via the CIA) because the ordinary people of Afghanistan democratically voted into national government a ‘Socialist’ government. The US has always stated that ‘Socialism’ is a corrupt ideology ‘inflicted’ upon the reluctant masses by a maniacal minority hell-bent on securing power at any cost! In the past, such as in Korea and Vietnam, the US was prepared to go to war to prevent non-White (foreign) people from exercising their right of deciding their own destiny – and voting in a ‘Socialist’ government! The US would kill any amount of people to prevent its distorted view of reality from being proven ‘wrong’ by empirical events! In this regard, the US interpretation of ‘Socialism’ is incorrect, bias and subject to a tremendous amount of ‘denial’. When reality comes knocking, however, the US drops its bombs and hopes nobody notices what has just happened! Millions must die to preserve US predatory capitalism and this is why the US is the most dangerous ‘terrorist’ rogue regime the world has ever seen! 

The Majority of Afghan Women ‘Demand’ Sharia Law and the ‘Covering of their Bodies Despite Western (Liberal) Misassumptions to the Contrary!

The democratically elected ‘Socialist’ government of Afghanistan soon became aware of a ‘new’ type of Islamo-fascist enemy coming out of the remote (and peripheral) mountainous areas of their country. Although from illiterate and poor tribes, these young men were fit, well-fed, well-clothed and armed with modern US weaponry. They were overly fanatic about destroying ‘Socialism’ in the name of Allah (an odd attitude for a country whose Islam had been previously accepting and welcoming of ‘Socialism’). Furthermore, these men when captured possessed US and Afghan paper money, and under interrogation revealed that ‘White’ US soldiers had landed near their tribal areas and speaking in their exact ‘dialect’ asked to speak to their ‘head-man’. Following negotiations, it was agreed that from now on the young men of the tribe would join a new army controlled by the ‘CIA’ entitled the ‘Mujahadeen’. These ‘White’ Americans were accompanied by ‘Afghan’ American Imans who explained that their previous interpretation of the Holy Qur’an was ‘wrong’ and that Allah DID NOT accept ‘Socialism’ – which from today should be viewed as the most vicious enemy of Islam! The Americans taught that any ‘true’ Muslim who kills a ‘Socialist’ in the name of Allah (whether man, woman or child), would immediately enter the garden of paradise and awarded by Allah with a cool, flowing river, shade from the sun, ample food and the continuous care of virgins! 

The ‘Taliban’ Execute US Enemies as Standard!

Such Muslims that oppose ‘Socialism’ for Allah must firmly reject the ‘Socialist’ notion of ‘Internationalism’ (which assumes that there are no ‘differences’ between the races and that ALL races are ‘equal’), and firmly replace this false belief with ‘Nationalism’ which asserts that ALL races are ‘different’ and that those races which practice ‘Islam’ are spiritually, morally, culturally and biologically ‘superior’ to those races that do not practice Islam – or which practice a form of Islam that is tolerant toward ‘Socialism’. This ‘new’ intolerant Islam – ‘Islamo-fascism’ – rejects Islams historical (and progressive) association with ‘Socialism’ and advocates a ‘violent’ conquering of any Islamic or atheist enemy or opposition! This violent and intolerant attitude also extended to the treatment of prisoners and POWs. This aggressive attitude was evident when deployed against the Soviet Red Army which was called into Afghanistan by the elected sovereign (Socialist) government and was deployed on December 25th, 1979. The purpose of this Soviet Red Army deployment was to support and preserve the democratically elected ‘Socialist’ government of Afghanistan against the US Islamo-fascist insurgency! Of course, US discourse offered the usual ‘inverted’ distortion that falsely stated that the Americans were acting in ‘support’ of the ordinary Afghan people (i.e., the Afghan ‘terrorists’ the CIA had created)!  

Only Trusted ‘Men’ Are Allowed to Read and Write Within Taliban Society!

After ten years of a) combating the US contrived ‘Mujahadeen’, b) pushing back the US-controlled ‘Mujahadeen’ to their mountain strongholds, and c) arming and training a domestic Afghan ‘Socialist’ Army, the Soviet Red Army was ‘withdrawn’ from the country (in 1989) following intense international pressure supporting the false US narrative. At this point, direct US funding was reduced and the ‘Taliban’ emerged from the ‘Mujahadeen’ and was responsible for fighting the ‘new’ Afghan ‘Socialist’ Army. As this new Afghan military formation that protected the ‘Socialist’ government was so well trained by the Soviet Red Army – the now US-backed Taliban had to fight from 1989-1996 before it could take Kabul – where it massacred all the ‘Socialist’ leaders and anyone who supported and advocated ‘Socialism’. Although the Taliban killed tens of thousands of ordinary Afghanis – the US manipulated world opinion to interpret these massacres as being a ‘price worth paying’ to prevent Afghanistan from falling into ‘Socialist’ hands!  

The Taliban ‘Thank’ Allah (and US Foreign Policy) for their Victory!

Around this time (1996) the ‘pre-modern’ Islamic theology the US had developed for the ‘Mujahadeen’ was interpreted by the Taliban as being not just anti ‘Socialist’ but also anti ‘capitalist’! As the US – the founders of Afghani Islamo-fascism – was viewed as the centre of the modern capitalist world, the Taliban cut all ties and declared war on America! This move was in the wake of a number of high-profile terrorist attacks that had already been carried-out by Islamo-fascist operatives! This culminated in the 911 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings on September 11th, 2001! Almost immediately the US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq in punitive military strikes – despite the bombers themselves being from Saudi Arabia (seventeen individuals) and Egypt (two individuals). The US claimed the Taliban were hiding Osama Bin Laden – the former CIA Operative had been in-charge of developing the Mujahadeen movement and its Islamo-fascist ideology. In fact, Osama Bin Laden was safely ensconced with his family in a heavily defended military compound in Pakistan – an ally of the US! As the US could not inflict a decisive defeat on the Taliban – the US military authorities decided upon the tactic of ‘paying’ the Taliban ‘not to attack’ US or allied military targets to any great extent. Every so often a small number of Taliban soldiers were ‘sacrificed’ so that videos could be taken of US Apache helicopter crews ‘blowing’ their bodies to pieces. (These were then uploaded onto YouTube for all to see where they are still available). 

The US are the ‘New’ Friends of the Taliban – Any Questions?

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