The Taliban are Not Formidable Fighters!

Clinton Admits US Created Islamo-Fascism!

The bourgeois media is carry-out its same old game of presenting the enemy of the moment as being ‘formidable; and a ‘force to be reckoned with’! The point of the torrent of stories streaming from the printing-press is to manufacture and retain a certain level of ‘fear’ in the air so that the Western proletariat gives-up any ideas it might have of unity and overthrowing the bourgeoisie and instead quietly falls into line behind it, ready to be led in a Churchillian-style in the defence of the British homeland! What is remarkable is not the fact that the bourgeoisie resort to this formula time and time again to keep control of British society – but that the working-class falls for it time and time again without question! The Taliban is a pre-modern movement developed by the CIA in the 1970s (in Afghanistan), and designed to turn-back the progressive (dialectical) forces of Scientific Socialism. The ideology of the Taliban is that of ‘White’ Western fascism combined with a distorted and murderous Islamic theology that deviates wildly away from what could be termed ‘mainstream’ Islamic theology!  

Taliban ideology, as a consequence, is far-right wing and highly draconian in nature, as it reflects the harsh socio-economic realities of a society that still exists in a ‘pre-modern’ and ‘primitive’ condition. With all the benefits of modernity absent, the Taliban fall-back upon the Holy Qur’an for guidance, but from Imans specially trained to interpret and project various far-right narratives over a text that is often viewed as beautifully written in its original Arabic, and a containing much wisdom that is to be admired by the modern mind (Muslim or not). It is not the Holy Qur’an that has been altered by the US ideologues – but rather the holy men they trained to deliberately ‘misinterpret’ the text in the 1970s. This brain-washing process has generated a movement that would have seemed backwards in the Islamic world five hundred-years ago let alone today! Whilst fighting the Soviet Red Army between 1979-1989 – the Taliban lost numerous battles and tens of thousands of men! They do not rely upon modern training methods for their soldiers, (as the CIA wanted as much self-sufficiency as possible), but behave in a typical tribal manner that utilises the method of ‘intuitive’ soldiering – with mew recruits soon learning where they fit-in with a self-organising organic mass! 

The CIA had the Taliban resorted to terrorist tactics against the Soviet Red Army which involved ambushes on remote roads, sniping within urban areas, IEDs and suicide attacks of various kinds. Although these tactics certainly took its toll upon the Soviet Red Army, casualties were relatively low. This is where the CIA decided to experiment with ‘terror’ involving the Taliban taking of Soviet prisoners. These men (and sometimes women) were brutalised and tortured for days on end with the Taliban aggressors being directed by US personnel. The point of this treatment was for the CIA to deprive the Soviet Red Army prisoners of all human dignity and hopefully send a wave of poor morale through the Soviet Red Army! The CIA thought that by having the Taliban ‘mimic’ the barbarity of the Nazi German invaders of the USSR (1941-1945) – the Soviet Red Army would become riddled with fear and be unable to fight effectively in the field. Despite leaving Soviet Red Army bodies with their heads hacked-off – the CIA recorded that the over-all fighting efficiency of the Soviet Red Army was not affected by this ‘illegal’ military experiment that could not be relocated to a European theatre due to the potential protestations of the West! 

The brutality of the Taliban might well have a limited effect upon the minds and bodies of those poor souls taken prisoner – but such behaviour could not be turned into conventional victories upon the battlefield! No matter how hateful their ideology – the physical bodies of the Taliban were ripped apart time and time by Soviet – and then ‘US’ military technology! No amount of psychological posturing could bridge the technological gap between the pre-modern Taliban and the modern Soviets and Americans. The greatest irony in all this is that the Taliban eventually turned against their US paymasters and are now being portrayed as ‘victors’ over the Americans in Afghanistan – when all that happened in reality is that the US ‘limited’ its military objectives on the ground and then eventually pulled-out of the country. There were no decisive engagements and the Taliban often suffered 100% casualties in many battles with the Soviets and the US! The average Taliban soldier is illiterate, under-nourished, short and easily led. His weaponry usually consists of rusting AK-47s and other old Soviet guns. The CIA ideologues thought it was a ’nice touch’ to equip the Taliban with the old Soviet weapons stock the Americans had captured around the world! So inept are the self-sufficient Taliban today that they are still using exactly the same deficient fire-arms! The Soviet Red Army withdrew in 1989 and this allowed a desperate Taliban to re-group. Interestingly, the Taliban were in no way as bad a shape after twenty years of war with the US in 2021! The US has allowed the Taliban to ‘seem’ to have won for whatever nefarious reasons it is keeping to itself!  

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