USSR: Red Army Cavalry 1938 Model ‘Carbine’ (17.5.2022) 

The concept of the ‘carbine’ may well have originated during the late 1500s in France and referred to the weapon these ‘Light’ Cavalrymen used to carry. In this instance, this may well have been a ‘slang’ term used in the French language which referred to mounted archers from Flanders who were considered deadly shots and sure bringers of ‘death’! (The association is unclear but may refer to an assumed connection between the ‘carrion beetle’ and the ‘plague’, etc). Whatever the origin, a ‘carbine’ appears to refer to a ‘short’ and highly effective weapon carried when sat in the saddle and used when riding the horse whether into or out of battle. The 1938 ‘Carbine’ Model measured just 1020 mm (or 3.4 feet) long (minus a bayonet) – and fired a round measuring 7.62 mm! The ‘Carbine’ Model 1938 was sighted to fire up to 1000 meters! The Izhevsk Machine-Manufacturing Plant was the only place equipped for producing this ‘Carbine’ between 1941-1942 – during the height of the ‘Great Patriotic war’ – when the workers of this factory produced over 1,106,510 which were sent immediately for frontline service! 

The Hopes and Myths of Ukrainian Invincibility – How the Neo-Nazis Believe in Invincibility! By Vladimir Skachko [Владимир Скачко] (1.4.2022) 

.This is what all the Neo-Nazi repressions by the “Maidan” regime used against dissent and dissidents – used against all political opponents – are devoted to! And President Zelensky only demands to strengthen the unification of society by limiting the discussion of the correctness or incorrectness of the behaviour of the Neo-Nazi authorities and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “In such a situation, in which our State is now, there should not be such discussions that society and our politicians are used to in peacetime. If someone pretends to be able to teach our Armed Forces how to fight, how to confront the enemy, then the best way to do this is to go directly to the battlefield,” he demanded rather threateningly in yesterday’s televised address. 

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