US Neo-Imperialism: Why I Do Not Trust US-Controlled Social Media!

The US-Controlled Internet Demands Predatory Capitalism!

Why do most Socialist countries ‘ban’ the Western internet? It is because it is directly controlled by the US and has been firmly colonised by US-style (predatory) capitalism. The Western internet, although presented by the US (and its allies) as a ‘free space’, is in fact a vehicle that is used to project US predatory capitalism and US foreign policy into the living rooms of all citizens around the world! This process is pursued without question and is not allowed to be revealed, criticised or resisted without the agents of the US behaving in a punitive manner against those who exercise genuine ‘freedom of thought’. This is why the US uses the Western internet to spread the viciousness of predatory capitalism that is designed to turn the whole world into a quagmire of desperate greed and exploitative endeavour other all others. This is the true nature of the so-called ‘free space’ that is the Western internet! 

The US Spreads its ‘Foreign Policy’ Via the Internet!

This is why China has rejected the Western internet as a propaganda tool of the capitalist US which wants access into every home in China. As it already exists in every home throughout Europe, and given that I live in London, I have no choice but to use it, even though I also have access to the Chinese internet (where I possess genuine ‘freedom of expression’). As the US-controlled internet is designed as a mass advertising tool, the personal data of its users is stolen by the colonisers and used to make money without the knowledge and consent of the individuals concerned. This is acknowledged as ‘theft’ in China and is against the law protecting the rights of individual internet users. In the West, the internet is presented as a means of ‘mass communication’ – but is used as a fluid and continuous method of transporting advertising data from one individual to another in a simultaneous and highly co-ordinated process.  

The US-Controlled Internet ‘Steals’ Your Personal Data!

Millions upon millions of people freely transmit advertising data around the internet on the back of their personal data and the choices they make when surfing the net. As different pages are ‘clicked’ the advertising data flows into the new space with every new opened-window! The corporations steal your private data and sell it to the highest bidder – whilst hijacking your web-presence to spread their advertising needs ‘free of charge’. They make billions out of your net presence – whilst you make ‘nothing’ out of this arrangement – even though you must ‘pay’ to access the net in the first place! Socialism, as it is opposed to all types of exploitation, is not allowed as an ideology on the internet our as a political movement in a country. As I understood how this process works – I turned it against the US-capitalist system for a time. I would make a post with a Communist message and photograph and sit-back whilst the greedy capitalists spread my anti-capitalist message. Yes – I am sure they got some profit our of this arrangement – but I am equally sure that untold numbers were inspired by the anti-capitalist messages I broadcast! 

Using ‘Clever’ Tactics Only Work for so Long!

The US-controlled capitalists spend a great deal of their time attacking and blocking Socialism on the Western-controlled internet as well as opposing such movements in the real world. Just as the US places bullets and bomb-fragments into the bodies of Socialists around the world – the US-back internet controllers ‘delete’, ‘block’ and ‘censor’ any internet expressions of Socialism. This form of fascistic interference of ‘freedom of expression’ in the West has got far worse in recent years, and appears to be an ‘agreed’ and ‘underlying’ policy in the US and throughout Europe. Already I have been ‘banned’ from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and tumblr due to my association with Communist China. Although I am using ‘word-press’ – I do not trust its owners ‘Automatic’ as it did nothing when ‘tumblr’ blocked me for being a ‘Communist’ (tumblr is owned by ‘Automatic’), so, if this blog suddenly ‘disappears’ you will know that US policy has been applied! 

Even ‘word-press’ is American and Cannot be Trusted!

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  1. An attack on one is an attack on all!
    Together we are winning the media war!


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