Faux Taliban (Redux)

The Taliban has Expertly Used ‘Holes’ to Combat Advanced US Technology!

As the Western world reels in horror at the latest failing of US foreign policy, Boris Johnson has announced a raft of sanctions aimed at demonstrating Britain’s mistrust and disapproval at the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan! Opposition voices in Parliament have expressed doubt about this Tory policy, as the Taliban have no intention of participating in commerce with the outside world, or being involved in any of the usual activities associated with the modern world. In other words, economic sanctions are of no use when the target country has no ‘international’ policy to speak of! In the meantime, the Western media is resorting to form by printing all kinds of fictional stories about the Taliban – designed to stoke the fires of fear and racism! The Sun stands by its story that the Taliban has been cutting off the beards of the deceased and exporting them to the West as Brillo Pads!  

This man’s Beard was Discovered in a Branch of ASDA in Stoke on Trent!

The Daily Mail has reported that after watching beleaguered Afghans chase the last US aeroplane out of Kabul recently, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has awarded the first three to catch the plane (and survive) honorary Olympic Medals – whilst the Guineas Book of Records has been asked to assess the footage to ascertain whether a new 200m sprint record has been set in the process! Nigel Forage has stated on GB News his concerns that Northern England and Southern Scotland are slowly morphing into a ‘new’ Afghanistan as the British government continues its policy of ‘stealthily’ resettling the victims of Western aggression within the UK! Asian women with no connection or experience of life in Afghanistan are being interviewed by Sky News and forced to read-out scripts provided by the UK government – reinforced by the threat that if they do not ‘convincingly’ comply – Priti Patel will be having a close look at their immigration STATUS!  

The ‘IOC’ Announce a Phot0-Finish!

Harrods has been providing long strips of cloth to dress these women, whilst Barbie has provided the false doll-babies that they are required to ‘throw’ over a wire fence in Burnley where members of the Territorial Army are ordered to catch the projectiles as part of their ‘Infant Rescue’ badge! Dave Lee Travis is back in the news and has been accused by the Daily Star as starring as a Taliban leader in a BBC propaganda film purportedly comprised of authentic footage of the fall of Kabul! Travis has not been unavailable for comment – and hasn’t worked for years following his retirement from radio and his association with sex abuse allegations. The press is speculating that ‘DLT’ might well have taken the part as he is desperate for work! Responding to enquiries, a Taliban spokesman stated ‘The Supreme Islamic Council has no knowledge of the man you call “The Hairy Cornflake”!’ although the anti-intellectual right-wing in the US are blaming Biden for the US defeat in Afghanistan, in fact it was President Trump who negotiated with the Taliban in 2018 and assured its leaders that ALL US troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by late 2021!  

British Police ‘Close-Off’ Parts of Burnley for BBC ‘Filming’!

The Taliban had three years of relative peace to rebuild their armies with fresh recruits and new weaponry, and train for their lightning takeover of the country! The Puppet Afghan Army trained by the US had been Infiltrated by the Taliban and most of its members guaranteed their lives (and those of their families) only if they agree beforehand not to resist the eventual Taliban offensive. This undermining of US-contrived morale unfolded under the noses of the Americans between 2018-2021 – with the CIA informing President Trump that this was happening. The Trump Administration decided not to interfere in-case the Democrats won the next election! The new Democratic President could then be blamed for a Republic-planned military pull-out packaged by the US media as a ‘military’ defeat! The Taliban have their origins in the 1970s US policy of in Afghanistan of training illiterate tribal men to embrace Western style (racist) nationalism reinforced by a distorted Islamic theology that favours a right-wing brutality over Islam’s more normal tolerance and wisdom. In this sense, the US could be said to have ‘won’ in Afghanistan as soon as the fascistic Taliban took power – murdering a number of Afghan Special Forces trained by the US! Due to a lack of genuine knowledge, the Western media is having to fabricate stories of alleged Taliban brutality when the reality is probably far worse than that imagined by the Western imagination!

Taliban ‘Volunteer’ Receives New ‘Survival Package’ from US-Ally Saudi Arabia!

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