US Post-WWII Concentration Camp – Arizona

Details the Radio-Active Poison in the Post-WWII US!

Any honest commentator would agree that by the time the US dropped two atom bombs on Japanese cities in late 1945 – the Japanese war effort had long been finished. Japan had ceased to be a credible military threat everywhere except China – and the Soviet Red Army was tasked with clearing-out that area by Churchill and Roosevelt (in a behind the scenes bid to ‘save’ Western allied lives). Indeed, the same commentators would also readily admit that Nazi Germany remained by far the most dangerous threat to the Western allies – but again, the US and UK held back whilst the Soviet Red Army was allowed to do the bulk of the fighting (and ‘dying’). Whilst the capitalist countries wanted Hitler out of the way, the USSR was presented as a brave a fine example of what a good ally should be! The Japanese, on the other hand, even before the start of WWII, had always been presented as racially inferior and buffoonish by US propaganda. Indeed, it is this racist US attitude that a) led to WWII in the first place. And b) convinced the US government to carry-out a ‘human experiment’ on a massive scale by dropping two atom bombs on an already prostrate Japan! 

Typically ‘Deformed’ Hands From US Atom Bomb Testing

Although tens of thousands of Soviet lives could have been saved if the US had dropped atomic bombs across Nazi Germany – the US government did not do this because it already knew about the dangerous side-effects that radio-activity produced – as these weapons had already been tested on innocent and unknowing US citizens and serving soldiers. Radiation sickness of various (and hideous) types had been experienced by the victims – as well as an increasing number of birth defects, deformities and psychological damage observed in new-born babies sired by otherwise healthy adult parents. Even before the disastrous and deadly effects of radio-activity were known for sure – the US government had been advised by its scientists that there could well be unforeseen consequences if human-beings are exposed to this energy for any length of time! Almost by instinct, therefore, the US government tended to host these ongoing tests in areas deemed predominantly ‘non-White’ – as the US government believed only ‘White’ political opinion mattered. 

Hundreds of Thousands of Japanese Died for a Racist US Test!

What is particularly remarkable about this issue is that the US carried-on this ‘human experimentation’ post-1945 whilst its judges held the Nazi Germans, Fascist Italians and Imperial Japanese to account for their War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, and US propagandists laid the foundation for the anti-intellectualism that would dominate and direct the US anti-Soviet Cold War Offensive! Ironically, in the post-1945 era, the defeated fascist bloc was no longer able to pursue its destructive agenda – and the USSR had never committed any of the crimes the US had ‘imagined’ it had! Indeed, the only country continuing fascistic-type experimentation upon its own population was the United States! The Americans had developed the myth (still prevalent today) that Japan had been defeated by the atomic bombs (with the immense suffering caused to the Japanese people suppressed until relatively recent times). What the US government did want either its own population or world opinion to know was the damage it was doing to large parts of its non-White population! 

US Servicemen ‘Enjoying’ An Early Atomic Test!

In his 2016 book about the life of the mass killer – Richard Ramirez (b. 1960) – the author – Philip Carlo – describes how his Hispanic mother kept giving birth to children with terrible deformities and disabilities (during the 1940s) because of the radio-activity levels in the area (from the New Mexico tests). Although Richard Ramrirez was physically well-built and considered good-looking and fit for carrying-out hard-work – Philip Carlo suggests that whereas his brothers had obvious physical deformities and disabilities – Richard Rameriz was born with a good body for a dysfunctional brain that would have terrible consequences for many innocent people in his later life. As his parents had to ‘pay’ huge medical bills to keep their children ‘alive’, they discovered that the medical fraternity colluded with the US government and gave the false impression that every disabled and deformed child presented was the ‘only one’ – or part of a very small minority – when in fact the amount of deformed and damaged children caused by the radio-activity was so great that the US government opened a ‘concentration camp’ in Arizona where many of these children could be secretly ‘stored’ whilst they were experimented upon and eventually ‘euthanized’. Like in Nazi German during the destruction of its disabled population, the US parents were told by their government that their child had died of an illness!  

The US Carried-Out ‘Human Experiments’ On Its Own Population!

English Languish Sources: 

Philip Carlo: The Night Stalker – The Disturbing Life and Chilling Crimes of Richard Rameriz, CITADEL, (2016) – Chapter 20 (Audible Edition)

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