Catholic Church: The Anatomy of Ecclesiastical Child Abuse

Hero Police-Officer Denis Ryan Finally Vindicated After 46 Years!

The above video relates one localised example of how Catholic priests routinely sexually assault young boys and girls. This is the true story of how one Catholic priest systematically sexually abused children between the 1950s and the 1970s in Australia – whilst protected by the police and the judicial system. The children who were raped and assaulted – were Catholic children who attended Catholic Church Schools. The local Bishop protected the priest (Father John Day) who was sent on an all-expenses paid world tour and counselling session, etc. Only one police officer took exception to this ongoing sexual abuse – Denis Ryan – a Catholic who thought it disgusting that individual Catholic priests could behave in this manner! Obviously, Ryan was targeted by his police superiors and the Catholic Church. Father John Day lived a long-life and died aged 74-years-old – without ever facing justice for his many crimes. It is my view that even despite some priests being tried and convicted today – it is my view that the Catholic Church is as just as corrupt today as it has ever been! Just as the Catholic Church supports capitalism, and is renowned to have supported fascism before, during and after WWII, today the same Church actively ‘lies’ about its own history and refuses to acknowledge the epidemic of child sexual abuse that exists within its sub-culture. This ‘evil’ activity is perpetuated by Catholic priests, monks and nuns. This is the same Church that views all types of ‘Socialism’ as being ‘evil’ – but the reality is that evil does walk the Earth and it does so in white-collars! 

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