On Why Reforming Capitalism Will Not Defeat Racism

Mao Zedong and Norman Bethune (Canadian Doctor)!

Author’s Note: It is my intention to state that the International Working-Class should confront fascism, racism and neo-imperialism with a continuous ‘United Front’ – similar to that established by the USSR during the 1930s and 1940s. This is immeasurably preferable to the current situation which sees the working-class divided by bourgeois rule and retreating into ‘special interest’ groups – with each accusing the other of participating in the politics of ‘race’! As a consequence, this article is one of many I have written designed to expose how the destructive ideology of Trotskyism has infiltrated and distorted the anti-racist movement in the West. This ideology makes fools of us all. It has even led to some representatives of ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) actually ‘defending’ Black people who have been filmed racially abusing (and physically assaulting) Asian people in the US – on the grounds that the judicial system they face is ‘racist’! Although this is undoubtedly true, a genuine crime (regardless of who commits it) should not go unpunished! It is my opinion that authentic anti-racist movements do not ‘defend’ racists of any colour – and should not be used as a smokescreen for Black criminality. Attacking innocent and vulnerable Asian people is cowardly and demonstrates certain Black individuals mindlessly following the lies the ‘White’ bourgeois system feeds them – namely that Asian people are ‘evil’ and are responsible for the natural processes that led to the evolution of Covid19! No. Trotskyism must not be allowed to prevail in the anti-racism arena! ACW (13.4.2021) 

“Republic of Mozambique” Written in Portuguese.

The Trotskyite movement cannot claim to have inspired any great Revolutionary upheavals in its history (indeed, throughout its history, Trotskyism has ‘opposed’ Revolutionary upheavals), and neither can it claim to have fought or won any major wars (leading up to WWII, Trotsky expressed support for the International Fascist Movement, and subsequently, Trotskyism was ‘suppressed’ everywhere which had a policy of opposing fascism). This led to the BBC – for a time – not broadcasting the anti-Soviet works of the British Trotskyite propagandist – George Orwell – for fear of his Trotskyite rhetoric fuelling pro-fascist support in the UK! Of course, Trotsky was killed in 1940, and this took away the guiding-light of Trotskyites for most of the war-years. Although the Western powers led by Britain and the US would have happily seen the end of the Soviet experiment – what they could not countenance is Europe (and the former [vast] lands of the USSR) dominated and controlled by a victorious Nazi Germany! A successful and powerful Germany was a threat to British imperialist domination in the world, and any notions the US possessed of being a world power! Although the West had endorsed and supported Trotskyism since the expulsion of Trotsky from the USSR in 1929 – by 1938 (and Trotsky’s open endorsement of the fascist bloc) Trotskyism had become a liability to the worldwide movement of ‘resisting’ all forms of fascism! 

Soviet Built Tank – Monument to China’s Anti-Fascist War (1931-1945)

Of course, following the defeat of world fascism in 1945, the US was propelled onto the world stage and became the defacto ‘opposer’ of the Soviet Union. The subsequent US-inspired Cold War sought to undermine support for the USSR in the West and to inspire an uprising amongst its own citizens if possible. In other words, the US (and its Western allies) breathed new life into the then redundant ideology of Trotskyism, and even ‘copied’ Trotsky’s blue-print for bringing down the USSR! It could be said that Trotskyism was re-born in the post-1945 period and continues today as an important plank in the capitalist West’s policy of preventing and opposing any genuine Marxist-Leninist movements throughout the world. If a population cannot be brain-washed into rejecting Socialism, and actually attempts to build a Marxist-Leninist society, the US manipulates the UN into applying unjust (international) sanctions designed to ‘starve’ the Socialists out of power, and if this approach fails, the US military initiates a ‘swift’ (not to mention ‘illegal’) regime change that usually murders endless number of civilians and reduces that country’s infrastructure to rubble! In true Trotskyite fashion, this genocidal action is termed ‘liberation’ from tyranny by the US ideologues. Even if millions of civilians in the US (and throughout Europe) protest against these wars – the power-mongers of the Bourgeois State proceed unaffected by this ‘democratic’ resistance! A recent academic report in the West states that since 1945 (not including the casualties inflicted upon fascist Italy, Nazi German and Japan, etc) the US military has killed between 20-30 million men, women and children around the world, in its pursuance of predatory capitalism and liberal democracy! The US ‘making the world safe for democracy’ – also makes the world decidedly ‘unsafe’ for everyone else! 

As Many as 60 Million People May Have Been Killed and Wounded in China!

Who is the US (and Europe) representing in their destructive foreign policies? Of course, ‘White’ imperialism is nothing new, even if it has to continuously manifest through widely differing circumstances as time goes by. The imperialism of the first Spanish and Portuguese ships six-hundred years ago, although emanating from the power-politics of the Europe of the time (and the intrigues of the Roman Catholic Church), nevertheless, was no different in principle to the neo-imperialism that has been inflicted upon the world by the US since 1945. This political and commercial dominance evolved into the supremacy of those who perpetuated it. This ‘body coding’ process, although a product of class dominance and class distinction, was deliberately interpreted as being the product of the ‘skin-tone’ or ‘skin-colour’ of those who possessed the military and economic power, over those who did not possess a similar military might and economic power. As none of the newly encountered people in the world possessed a similar level of socio-economic development, it is was their ‘skin-tone’ and different ‘physical characteristics’ that was falsely interpreted as being the ‘reason’ behind this different rate of cultural development. At the time, this had nothing to do with Trotskyism, but in 1945, Trotskyism had matured into a ‘White’ supremacy ideology that aligned itself with (and justified) bourgeois dominance and imperialist tendencies. Whereas Marxist-Leninism strictly ‘deconstructs’ and ‘rejects’ the ideology of ‘race’ and ‘imperialism’ – Trotskyism offered the US (and its allies) an apparent support for Eurocentric domination and imperialistic expansion throughout the world. 

North Korea Has the ‘Scholar’s Calligraphy Brush’ in Their Flag!

Trotsky, when formulating his alternative to Marxist-Leninism, was heavily influenced by the imperialist history of the West, and ‘falsely’ believed that any true economic development could only happen throughout Russia if ‘capitalism’ was embraced and not ‘destroyed’ by Marxist-Leninism! As Joseph Stalin was the conveyor of ‘Marxist-Leninism’, Trotsky (following the dictates of his Western pay-masters) declared Stalin to be public enemy number one and devised all kinds of (false) propaganda attacks against him. These obviously ‘ahistorical’ narratives are still used to fabricate disparaging biographies about Stalin even today (in Russia and the West). The falsification of Soviet history, however, is just one (ongoing) success) of the Trotskyite movement. The other (perennial) success is the ‘mainstreaming’ the Eurocentric narrative of the racial inferiority of every non-White race and ethnic grouping. Indeed, so powerful is this trope that since 1991, it has even penetrated many movements in the West that claim to be both ‘Communist’ and ‘Marxist-Leninist) – when in fact they are simply cliques of middle-aged, middle-class White men who use these associations as personal fiefdoms that either openly discourage non-White membership (through the use of microaggression), or welcome a non-White membership for propaganda reasons that is kept firmly on the periphery of the movement! 

Soviet Soldier’s ‘Solidarity’ Medal (1965)

Perhaps the greatest success of the Trotskyite movement since 1945, has been its penetration of the non-White community and in so doing, has managed to entirely ‘redefine’ its anti-racist ideology. Whereas as non-White people readily aligned themselves with Marxist-Leninist ideology, from the 1960s onwards (after numerous and brutal displays of bourgeois power), many non-White resistance groups to White racism slowly adopted a Trotskyite policy of abandoning their fight against ‘capitalism’ (the fertile ground from which all racism sprouts), to targeting the bodies of ‘White’ people (European bodies being one of the key areas through which bourgeois notions of ‘race’ manifest). This change of emphasis from fighting the (capitalist) ‘essence’ of racism – to switching to the single ‘function’ of racism as the ‘White’ body – is a genuine victory for the forces of racism! By removing the essence of racism away from being the main emphasis of attack, Eurocentric racism has been given a free-hand by the anti-racists themselves! In true Trotskyite style, these ‘new’ anti-racists can be said to be ‘opposing’ racism – whilst simultaneously ‘supporting’ the very racism they are protesting about! Trotskyism is entirely responsible for this genuine example of ‘anti-intellectualism’.  

Comrade ‘Che’ Guevara – a True ‘Internationalist!’

This situation means that anti-racists infected by Trotskyite ideology spend their time fighting individual fires as they emerge (an endless task) – whilst ignoring the ‘fuel’ and ‘circumstances’ which lay at the root of ALL such fires! Attacking individual White people may or not change the opinions of a single person – but it has absolutely no effect upon the essence of all racism – which is the ideology of predatory capitalism. It is predatory capitalism which brain-washes and prepares a whole new generation of White people to consciously and sub-consciously subscribe to the ideology of racial dominance! Attacking single White individuals for expressing this racism – regardless of the justness of such an attack – does not interrupt the process of capitalist ideology laying the foundations of ongoing racial dominance! By abandoning the field to capitalism – the anti-racist movement is following the Trotskyite principle of supporting capitalism! This tactic of abandoning a direct attack upon racism is often justified by the sophistry of ‘reforming’ capitalism – as if the essential ‘root’ of capitalist ideology can be moulded by legislation into a more acceptable manifestation! By banning certain expressions of racism in particular situations does nothing to stop racism emerging from the capitalist system at its root. Outlawing one pathway of racist expression whilst allowing racism to sprout forward – only changes ‘how’ racism will manifest in each new generation. It does not permanently solve the issue of Eurocentric dominance. Racism will only end when capitalism ends. That is, when the means of production are seized by the working-class and an entirely ‘new’ society is created free of ‘class’ and capitalist ‘contradictions’! Until the anti-racist movement fully embraces the Marxist-Leninist movement, Trotskyism will continue to usurp the anti-racist message and mislead millions into a state of psychological and physical enslavement to the capitalist system! 

Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin!

Ascribing the racism that emerges from the many contradictions that lie within capitalist ideology to the ‘Whiteness’ of European bodies, only serves to replace ‘class’ unity with ‘individualist’ disunity. It is not the case that individual White racists should not be held responsible for their ‘illegal’ actions – of course they should be – but this is a matter of the judicial system and the legal situation that governs society. In a capitalist society, this is a matter of bourgeois law and bourgeois law enforcement – it is not the domain of ‘anti-racism’ which should seek to overthrow the bourgeois system and the capitalist ideology it supports. This is the only way that capitalist racism is permanently ‘stopped’ at its ideological source. Trotskyism has successfully infiltrated the Black and Asian communities which has seen a movement away from overthrowing capitalism – to the notion of ‘co-operating’ with capitalism and securing the best possible economic deal that is available. Instead of freeing ALL working-class people (be they Black, Asian and White, etc), each ethnic group ‘withdraws’ into an exclusive community of ‘self-defence’, within which people of a different ethnicity are not welcome, and every person of a different racial grouping are viewed as a ‘threat’ to the security of the enclave. This answer to racism relies exclusively on the gathering of wealth by an ethnic minority, which is then used to purchase ‘security’ in gated communities and isolated schools, etc. This model allows racism to continue throughout society (which remains controlled by the predominantly ‘White’ bourgeoisie), and adds to the overall strength of racism in society. This means that the future generations of this enclaved community will face the full force of White racism when they attempt to ‘leave’ the enclave and spread their wings!  

The World Leaders That Defended the Working-Class!

Edward Said is a typical bourgeois supporter of Islamic theology. This is ironic, as Islam is a very ‘Socialistic’ religion that has maintained good relations with numerous Communist regimes. Muslim people, generally, speaking, are very good ‘Socialists’ and are often renowned for their hospitality toward non-Islamic visitors to their communities, etc. However, Edward Said does not like Marxist ideology and so makes the absurd statement that both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (the founders of ‘Scientific Socialism’) were both ‘Eurocentric’ – and implies that by ‘Eurocentric’ he means ‘White supremacist’. Perhaps this might be a straightforward association with US Cold War disinformation, but regardless of its origin, a non-White academic making this type of comment can have a detrimental effect throughout non-White communities when it comes to choosing the most effective anti-racist method. It can mean the difference between ‘accepting’ the ‘Marxist-Leninist’ pathway or ‘rejecting’ it out of hand. Marxism is the exact opposite to ‘White’ supremacy – which I am sure Edward Said already knows – but this knowledge has not prevented him from misrepresenting this emancipatory ideology.  

A Genuine ‘Internationalist’ – Mei Shigenobu – Japanese Red Army!

Marx and Engels were both ‘European’ – this is true – but the ideology they developed was in exact opposition to the prevailing and widespread ideology of imperialist dominance and oppression of non-White communities. Edward Said, therefore, as a non-White academic of considerable standing, deliberately chooses to mislead his audience by claiming that Marxist ideology is ‘White’ supremacy when this is obviously a ‘false’. Both Marx and Engels carefully explain how the bourgeoisie deliberately create the myth of ‘nation states’ and then conflate ethnic identity (and skin-tone) to coincide with these ‘mythical’ nation states! The bourgeoise state that the ‘White’ race is superior to all other races (defined by a scale of skin-tone), but Marx and Engels quite rightly declared this to be entirely ‘false’ and a product of pseudo-science. Marx and Engels declared ‘class’ and not ‘race’ to be the all-deciding aspect of socio-economic reality. Racism as experienced within bourgeois society emanates from the capitalist ideology preferred by the bourgeois (middle-class) which happens to be ‘White’ in the West. This highlights why Classical Marxism (Marx and Engels) and Marxist-Leninism must be carefully and thoroughly explored (and understood) by those who would make use of them as a means to overcome and eradicate bourgeois (capitalist-produced) racism.  

The ‘poisoned’ Pen of Leon Trotsky!

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