Trotskyism: Analysing and Exposing the ‘Pseudo’ Anti-Racist Movement (2021)

Trotskyism has become one of the most prolific threats to working-class unity and the attainment of freedom. Trotskyism fulfils the function of a ‘virus’ which attacks, colonises and destroys any established base of sound Marxist-Leninist ideology. Trotskyism is designed to ‘mimic’ certain elements of the broad Socialist movement – and like the Trojan Horse – attract the attention of the inexperienced, the vulnerable and easily-led, as they mistake this camouflage for genuine Marxist-Leninism. Quite often, those who are sincerely seeking a legitimate way-out of the exploitation of the capitalist world become embroiled with Trotskyism and suddenly find themselves in a nightmare situation of being forced to oppose the workers ‘for their own good’, and to ‘assist’ the very bourgeoise they sought to overthrow in the first place! Many of these misled individuals are so lost that for years they become helpless in the face of the cult-like leaders who place themselves at the head of these legends of the damned! 

As Trotskyism ‘mirrors’ virtually every aspect of a genuine Marxist-Leninist movement, its insidious nature means that it also copies many of the ideological expressions employed by Marx and Lenin – but uses these terms in a very different way. Trotsky rejected the ‘Communist’ ideology of the Soviet State and instead wanted to impose a type of Western European capitalism upon Russia together with liberal democracy. In other words, Trotsky wanted to dismantle the Russian Revolution and hand the control of the means of production ‘back’ to the bourgeoise! This ‘counter-Revolution’ was Trotsky’s answer to not being chosen by Lenin (who could not stand Trotsky) for not choosing him as his successor (in 1924). Following his trial for ‘treason’, instead of being ‘Executed’ as the Soviet Law allowed, Trotsky was shown leniency and instead ‘expelled’ from the USSR in 1929! This was when he took his particular support for the capitalist system to a new level of vindictive and hatred for everything ‘Marxist-Leninist’! 

Many White Europeans are drawn to Trotsky’s support for the bourgeois status quo (which seeks ‘reform’ over ‘Revolution’) and his quite natural expressions of racist disdain for the Chinese people (and other non-White groups). This racist approach is evident throughout Trotsky’s Collective Works. Trotsky remained an unrelenting racist until his death in 1940 – with only the USSR [and Joseph Stalin] caring enough to criticise it!! Indeed, in 1938, when Trotsky called for his laughable ‘Fourth International’ to be formed (in opposition to the already existing and functioning ‘Third International’ of the USSR) – Trotsky demanded that his so-called ‘Socialist’ followers support his call for ‘unity’ with the International Fascist Movement (comprising of Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and the Roman Catholic Church), and to assist in any planned attack upon the Soviet Union! This call also asked for the Soviet people to ‘rise-up’ and carry-out terrorist attacks upon the infrastructure of the USSR! 

This is the duplicity that Trotsky carried beyond the borders of the USSR and into the Western world after 1929! The ideology – like its founder – is entirely Eurocentric – and designed to placate and support the bias of opinion commonly found amongst ‘White’ populations – hence its implicit ‘racist’ tendency. Of course, as with everything ‘Trotskyite’ – this ‘racism’ is cunningly ‘camouflaged’ so that it appears to be its exact ‘opposite’ of ‘anti-racism’. As a consequence, there are many such Trotskyite ‘anti-racist’ groups seeking to recruit non-White supporters to the Trotskyite cause (which is their real modus operandi) whilst presenting a ‘false-front’ of appearing to fight racism and prejudice! The point of this sophistry is to recruit Black and Asian people into a ‘White’ controlled, pro-capitalist movement that appears (on the surface) to be ‘fighting’ racism! Such groups generate noisy protests supposedly in opposition to this or that cause – and take no further action. The point is not to ‘protest’ but ‘recruitment’. This deception can be seen with the behaviour of the so-called ‘Socialist Workers Party’ (SWP) who stand at the exits of Tube Stations in London handing out placards to thousands of unsuspecting (non-SWP members) heading to the protests – featuring how the ‘SWP’ is opposing this or supporting that, etc. Once all the placards have been handed-out, the SWP members – like the cowards they are – quietly skulk off and go home – leaving all the ordinary people to carry SWP placards and face the wrath of the British State on their own! This is truly a fine example of the cowardly example set by Leon Trotsky! A quick way to expose a Trotskyite anti-racist movement is a relatively easy matter. Any Trotskyite group worth its salt will never oppose the Zionist State of Israel and will never support the Palestinian regardless of the racism they experience at the hands of the Israeli State.  


A prime example that Trotskyite presents the broad anti-racist movement is when Black and Asian movements (and individuals) mistakenly align themselves with the Trotskyite ideology – effectively supporting White racism on the one-hand, and superficially ‘opposing’ it on the other! This ‘superficial’ opposition is taken as being ‘substantial’, when in fact it is just another aspect of the paradox that surrounds this type of deficient protest. By rejecting Marxist-Leninism, Trotsky rejects the entire edifice that is Marxist-Leninist ‘anti-racism’! The obvious trap for Black and Asian people genuinely seeking a way-out of the trap of White racism – is that they become ‘trapped’ in just another manifestation of White racism which is disguised as a ‘solution’ to the very racism that defines every aspect of the situation! This is because the ideology of Trotskyism demands that Black and Asian people support White racism in principle whilst simultaneously ‘opposing’ superficial aspects of its more obvious manifestation. Trotsky appears to be offering the victims of White racism a sort of ‘balance’ of prejudices within society that replaces a monolithic White racism with a more ‘fluid’ and ‘user-friendly’ notion of racism. A White racism which is ‘reconstituted’ for universal convenience! 

The ideology of Marx, Engels and Lenin, etc, clearly acknowledges that ‘racism’ arises from the contradictions (and class divisions) that define the foundation of predatory capitalism. Racism is not an ideology that can be ‘negotiated’ out of existence by the very (bourgeois) class that perpetuates and benefits from it! When the bourgeoisie control the means of production (as they do in the West), racism is a natural product of the aims and spirations of that class. Regardless of how racism is ‘channelled’ through the superficial changes within bourgeois law – ‘racism’ as a distinct ideology continuously seeps through the cracks in the foundation of capitalist ideology – moment by moment. Therefore, to ‘fight’ racism – according to Marxism-Leninism – is to ‘fight’ capitalism! There can be no other way – but this is the premise that Trotsky rejects. Trotsky, therefore, ‘supports’ capitalism (and racism) whilst giving the false impression that he is ‘opposing’ capitalism (and racism).  

A Black or Asian activist enmeshed in the Trotskyite movement continuously conflates the ideology of ‘White racism’ with the ‘White working-class’ and uses the two terms interchangeably. Indeed, such an individual manifests the Trotskyite racism of blaming the ‘White’ working-class for the existence of racism – and NEVER acknowledges that ‘racism’ emerges not from the White working-class (where it undoubtedly and primarily manifests) – but rather from the underlying (bourgeois) capitalist society from within which it exists. This Trotskyite opposition to racism deploys the rhetoric of ‘inverse-racism’ to the situation which sees Black and Asian campaigners expressing ‘racist’ sentiment aimed at what is believed to be the originators of ‘White’ racism. Trotskyism mistakenly misleads Black and Asian anti-racists into blaming the ‘bodies’ of White people as being the foundation of racist ideology – but White racism only ‘passes through’ the White bodies that express it – White racism DOES NOT originate in the White bodies that express it. (Hence the inherently racist terms common today of ‘White fragility’, ‘White guilt’ and ‘White saviour complex’, etc). Trotsky creates the ridiculous situation that sees White racists persecuting the bodies (and minds) of their Black and Asian victims – whilst empowering these victims by having them blame the ‘bodies’ of White people as being the originator of White racism!  As usual, Trotsky deliberately misses the point, and traps Black and Asian people in a double-bind constructed and controlled by White people in the name of ‘anti-racism’! Trotskyism empowers Black and Asian people by providing them with the ideological tools to become effective racists in their own right! 

The ideology of Marxist-Leninism seeks to overthrow the rule of the bourgeoisie and transition predatory capitalism into the stage of developed Socialism! When society undergoes this process of transformation, the capitalist ideology that gave root to racist ideology is entirely eradicated and the conditions that generated the hyper-individuals and ruthless competition that lies at the heart of all racist ideology is eradicated forever! This suggests that for racism to be truly ‘uprooted’ from society, it must also be ‘uprooted’ simultaneously from the minds of bodies of all of humanity. In other words, the reality is that Black, Asian AND the White working-class are all ‘freed’ together from the foundational ideology of racism which once set them apart and in opposition to one another. Fighting racism, as a process, should not replicate the ideology of racism as a legitimate means to fight back! This does not mean that either White racists or White racism goes unpunished – far from it – but that it is no good to blame every White member of the working-class being a ‘racist’ when just as many ordinary White people are not ‘racist’ and yet still suffer from the brutal oppression which defines the ideology of predatory capitalism! The International Working-Class is comprised of all kinds of people from all over the world and we should not let the divisive ideology of Trotskyism rip it apart into ineffective and impotent (isolated) groups! The working-class must unite and throw-off the shackles of bourgeois oppression – and that includes Trotskyite narratives that retain the racist viewpoint by turning individuals (and groups) against one another due to a false (and ultimately ‘destructive’) ideology!  

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