Down with All Forms of Fascist Trotskyism!


Someone told me that the Trotskyite ‘Socialist Workers’ Party’ (England), following all the bad media attention about a number of its leading members committing sexual assaults and rape against women members – has tried to distance itself from its sordid passed by the age-old classic tactic of a ‘name change’. You may recall that in 1938, Trotsky called upon his followers to support the forces of International Fascism (and the Catholic Church in Rome), and for Soviet Citizens to collaborate with Hitler by carrying-out ‘terrorist’ attacks within the USSR (and weaken the Soviet State to make a proposed Nazi German invasion run more smoothly). As matters transpired, Trotsky was dead two years later, and his so-called ‘Socialist’ movement had to go underground in the face of universal opposition to Hitler. In the UK, however, the Trotskyite movement formerly known as the ‘SWP’ (England) have not only changed their name to the ‘Socialist Motherland Party of the British Isles’ (a move described as an attempted ‘power grab’ within Trotskyite circles), but have also adopted a symbol very similar to a neo-Nazi movement in Russia called the ‘National Bolshevik Party’. The NBP misuse the term ‘Bolshevik’, and combines elements of Hitlerite Thought with Trotskyism. Both the NBP and the SMPBI operate under a modified hammer and sickle, the design and colour scheme of which mimics the Nazi German swastika. Even a quick read of the SMPBI website will demonstrate the ‘xenophobic’, ‘nationalist’ and ‘racist’ inclinations of the Trotskyite movement in general, and the SMPBI in particular. The rightwing rhetoric and feel of the SMPBI is more reminiscent of the racist British National Party, or UKIP, rather than any genuinely ‘leftist’ movement. As usual, Trotskyism can be easily exposed and ignored through the study of Marxist-Leninism.

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