Email: Assessing US Anti-Soviet Propaganda! (2.4.2021)

Joseph Stalin was a Great-Leader of Humanity!

Dear Gillian 

The way I approached this was through the ‘no hypothesis’. Nothing is happening until proven otherwise. For this exercise I neither support the USSR or oppose the US (or vice versa) – as this is a matter of impartially collecting and assessing evidence. The US-provided narrative is that the Socialist regime of the USSR is ‘evil’, ‘deceptive’ and opposed to the ‘well-being’ of the people. In many incidents of such expressions, the USSR remained ‘silent’. This ‘silence’ was further co-opted by the US ideologues to ‘confirm’ the bias of their assessment. This unchallenged ‘negative’ view of the USSR was extended by association to include ALL Socialist regimes in the world. Faced with the ‘evil’ that is ‘Socialism’ – the US presented its ‘capitalist’ regime as being inherently ‘good’ and the natural ‘defender’ of humanity. The established Churches in the West automatically endorsed this viewpoint and aligned themselves with it. 

Joseph Stalin Never Once Deviated from the Ideology of Marxist-Leninism!

As the US tended to focus much of its anti-Socialist angst against the personage of Joseph Stalin, I decided to return to first principles and read through his ‘Collected Works’. Although I have my own set – this body of work is available free online. My hardback edition covers the time-period 1895-1933 – but the online edition goes up to Stalin’s death in 1953 (by adding various unofficial but relevant documents). I found that from beginning to end Stalin never once ‘deviated’ from the correct Marxist-Leninist line. Indeed, he had one of the most difficult tasks following-on from the death of Stalin and being ‘elected’ into office. Lenin won the Revolution – but Stalin had to build an entirely ‘new’ type of Socialist State from scratch – an undertaking he not only thoroughly achieved, but one which involved its near destruction at the hands of the Nazi Germans and its subsequent re-birth! 

Joseph Stalin – the Man Who Defeated World Fascism!

When I read and re-read the US allegations, I found them to be highly ‘subjective’, ‘overly emotional’ and generally ‘untrustworthy’ from a ‘factual’ and ‘common-sense’ perspective. Furthermore, I could not find any corroborating evidence that supported what the Americans were saying within Russian historical documents, eye-witness reports (including foreigners living in Russia) and verifiable media reports, etc. Indeed, on the contrary, I found much of the narrative to be illogical, inverted and essentially ‘fabricated’. This finding led to me to search out other academics who had come to the same research conclusions. They did exist – but because their ‘impartial’ work ‘exposed’ what the Western governments were doing – it was kept very much on the periphery of academia. Interestingly, as time progressed past 1945, this became ever more the situation with the genuine scholarship about the USSR being side-lined for that which expressed the preferred ‘fake’ narrative. The point of this approach was to ‘bury’ any and all foreign-language publications from the USSR from general circulation in the outside world, and prevent any new generations of youth from ever learning about the existence of the work of Alexander Werth or EH Carr, etc.  

Joseph Stalin Salutes the Soviet People!

What were the Americans doing? Post-1945 they were busy spreading their predatory capitalist model into Europe and Asia. This was their primary goal inherently linked to destroying ethnic religious culture and replacing it with mass Christian conversions. This approach was thought to ‘prepare’ the non-European mind for the slide into accepting the capitalist ideology. To separate the example of the USSR as a viable alternative to capitalism – the US simply juxtaposed the reputation of Adolf Hitler onto Joseph Stalin (and the policies of Nazi Germany onto the USSR)! This is exactly how most people are sub-consciously brain-washed to think about Stalin and the USSR today. Most are genuinely ‘surprised’ to learn that the USSR was an ally of the UK and US during WWII! No one can explain how it was that Hitler murdered around 35 million (Slavic) Soviet men, women and children (far more than in the ‘Jewish’ Holocaust), or that the Red Army lost around 5 million fighting Hitler’s regime! 

Joseph Stalin Gives a ‘Smile’…

The ‘fake’ academia in the West still exists and is linked to virtually all universities (Oxford and Cambridge included), despite the odd voice in the wilderness. I have examined virtually ALL the allegations of so-called atrocities said by the US to have been committed by the USSR – and in the case of every single one – I have not found a shred of corroborating evidence! In an attempt to fill this void, the US often had defectors fabricate all kinds of anti-intellectual narratives, but this must be seen in context. Released documents in the West confirm that the US made ‘lying’ a condition of granting US Citizenship to Soviet defectors. This was viewed as a test of ‘trust’. If such despicable people were willing to collude with the US in the destruction of the good reputation of the USSR – it was believed that they were not likely to be Soviet spies. Look at what these people received in return, a large house (free) in the area of their choice, a large sum of money in a US bank account and any job they asked for! Now, this is not the usual way the average person ‘born’ into the predatory capitalist is treated! Indeed, it is the exact opposite! No ordinary person is ‘given’ anything – and everyone is made to ‘fight’ for the scraps that fall off the rich man’s table! These stupid defectors probably ended-up believing their own lies when they were suddenly propelled into the highest echelons of capitalist life! 

Two Great Allies Mao Zedong (Left) and Joseph Stalin (Right)!

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