Email: US Archives and the Omission of the USSR! (2.4.2021)

Dear Gillian 

If you study the US scientific documentaries about space travel from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s – the ground breaking accomplishments of the Soviet Union are completed omitted. Indeed, there is no mention of the USSR at all. If you watched these films with no background knowledge of the time period, you would have no indication that the Soviet Union ‘existed’ when these images were assembled! This bourgeois response is similar to how Black and Asian people are omitted from the narrative of European history and is a typical ‘capitalist’ response to ‘difference’. Although in this instance, Socialism is obviously far more of a threat to the hegemony of capitalism than ethnic and cultural differences (which are viewed by Europeans as ‘subordinate’ only). It is interesting how the US employed both ‘omission’ and deliberate ‘misinterpretation’ when forced to acknowledge the presence of the USSR. When this happened, Soviet science was invariably depicted as being a combination of ‘stupidity’ and ‘corruption’ and its many successes a product of ‘luck’ and/or ‘plagiarism’! The indication being that everything ‘good’ only comes from the ‘West’. This ‘misrepresentation’ appears to equate with the type of distorted interpretation of reality associated with racism.  

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