Racism in UK ‘Imaginery’ Tory Report Confirms!

A Conservative-sponsored Report examining the issue of ‘racism’ in the UK has issued its findings. In a move that would fit-well in an episode of the Twilight Zone, Boris Johnson’s Tory government has declared that after assessing all of the available evidence, there is NOT any evidence to suggest that a) racism exists in the UK, or b) non-White people are not (or have never been) ‘victims’ of a phenomenon that does not exist! This incredible finding coincides with the Met Police being declared by the same government as acting ‘proportionally’ whilst stripping naked and beating women recent protesting the ‘murder’ of a woman at the hands of a Met police officer! 

The Tory Racism of Winston Churchill

Many political commentators have stated that if it were not for the Coivd19 emergency taking-up the attention of Boris Johnson’s government, the people of Britain would have soon realised just how politically far-right its political orientation is, with many declaring it to be a ‘fascist’ government! Just as Hitler also stated that ‘no racism’ existed in 1933 Germany – Boris Johnson is making exactly the same declaration that racism ‘no longer’ exists in 2021 Great Britain! This is because the expression of ‘White’ nationalism is viewed as ‘normal’ within fascist societies – with all non-White people no longer allowed to ‘complain’ about the ‘unjust’ or ‘unfair’ treatment they receive. 

Boris Johnson’s Islamophobia!

In a fascist society, any attempt to confront the ruling ethnic group is often associated with the committing of a ‘crime’. This is because non-White people lose their right to ‘protest’ which is viewed as non-White people ‘refusing’ to fit-in to the White society that exists all around them. Inequality caused by this ‘normalised’ racism becomes the ‘new’ reality that all non-White people must learn to ‘exist’ within without drawing attention to themselves. Subjugation to the peculiarities of ‘normalised’ White racism reduces all non-White to the status of ‘sub-humans’ who are used to serve the majority ‘White’ population without hesitation or fuss.  

Boris Johnson long History of ‘Lying’ Continues!

With the acknowledgement of ‘White’ racism removed from the political agenda by bogus reports and false assessments – the bodies of non-White people become objects of unlimited exploitation by the White masses. Invariably, not only does this eventually culminate in harsh and ‘unequal’ labour – but results in the exploitation of the young and old alike, with a particular focus upon the psychological and physical destruction of young children of both sexes! As survival within this White nightmare becomes the order of the day, many non-While people – at least at the point where they have to interface with the White Authorities – appear to become ‘compliant’ in the face of ‘White’ fascism, but behind the scenes and in the dark-corners, resistance movements are formed, strengthened and built.  

Boris Johnson Explains Britain’s Former Empire!

When living in an openly ‘fascist’ White State – it is the duty of ALL right-minded individuals to organise themselves and oppose the ruling Junta so that it is confronted on every front of its dominance! This type of ‘resistance’ to the evil of ‘White’ racism will take on many forms, all of which can be gleamed from the study of history. The ‘White’ fascists must be confronted and defeated intellectually and physically, they must be beaten in the media and in the universities, and ultimately – like evidenced at the end of WWII – those ‘White’ fascists found ‘Guilty’ of Crimes Against Humanity’ must face the judicial consequences of their illegal acts! 

According To Tory Logic – ‘Slavery’ Was An Illusion!

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