A ‘Black King’ Exposes ‘White Ignorance’ Yet Again!

White people are not – and cannot be – the victims of racism! The political right-wing and far-right attempts to propagate the false propaganda that ALL non-White ethnic groups are quite naturally as ‘racist’ as their White counter-parts! The distorted-logic of this is that if ALL ethnic groups are equally racist – then why is it that only ‘White people’ are prevented from expressing it? This is a very powerful myth amongst the various White communities. It is the assumed status of White ‘victimhood’.

The reality is that White people cannot be the genuine victims of racism – because ‘racism’ as an ideology is a product of White socio-economic dominance, which also includes religious, political and cultural dominance. The ‘skin-tone’ of the Europeans has been falsely assumed to be a key-ingredient of this dominance – when in reality this skin-colour has no logical (or ‘causal’) connection to the conditions that generate political, industrial or cultural Revolutions! The fact is that ‘White people’ did not even ‘know’ they were ‘White’ until they encountered the non-White peoples of the world who invariably inhabited socio-economic models prevalent in previous eons in the West. This is not to say that non-White people have never created great cultures – but that many of these existed whilst Europeans still lived in caves and were only known by their ruins when the modern Europeans penetrated the different parts of the world. Over-night – from 1492 onwards – An Asian or Black Jesus became ‘White’ as the Christian Church in Western Europe jettisoned its Middle-East origins and identified itself exclusively with the White ethnicity. The reality of economic and cultural development was ‘ignored’ as the engine behind all true development – with the European skin-pigmentation being somehow ‘mysteriously’ accredited with all socio-economic development!

African and Asian cultures around the world have, from time to time, produced exquisite political, social and military formations often involving elaborate and breath-taking architecture! The ‘Black’ Egyptian of ancient times certainly equalled (and perhaps even ‘transcended’) ancient India and China – with its statues, pyramids, temples and tombs still standing-out today as beautiful expression of human ingenuity! Not only did human life begin millions of years ago in Africa, but many African cultures came and went with many not leaving much for future generations to observe. Certain archaeological discoveries have happened in Zimbabwe – particularly ruins of interesting wall structures – perhaps fortifications or boundary markers from ancient times, etc. The Zulu, for instance, of South Africa have built a tremendous and mighty warrior culture premised upon farming, mass weddings and extensive farming techniques. We know this because Zulu culture still exists and its history is well-known (particularly the Zulu defeat of the British Army at Islandlwana in 1879). Many similar African cultures of effective social organisation have undoubtedly come and gone with their presence difficult to discern in the environment.

My point is this: African history is a vast and complex subject and readers should search-out the many Black academics who specialise on this subject. Africa is not the culturally ‘dead’ continent the White invaders has led the world to believe. African culture on all levels, from art to music, from economics to warfare, from architecture to religion – all of this is present in the material history of Africa! Africa is a diverse continent that has quite often been far ahead of Europe all the way up to the 18th century when the Industrial Revolution unfolded in England – changing Europe (and the world) forever!

White racism is a combination of high ignorance and exquisite delusion! In the West, White culture dominates everywhere and at all times. Black and Asian people living in the West are force-fed ‘White’ culture every single second of every single day! Every moment is ‘White History Month’ – because White racism ‘denies’ the validity of the of all other non-White cultures! Non-White children should be a) encouraged to be ‘proud’ of their cultures, and b) ‘rewarded’ for expressing such pride! All White people who get in the way of this process should be ‘arrested’ and charged with a ‘hate-crime’!

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