Email: Biden-Iran-Contra(diction) – Biden ‘Kills’ First Victims of Presidency! (28.2.2021)

All Chinese Children Are Taught About Israeli Zionist Aggression!

Dear Gillian 

If I am reading the unfolding International events correctly, it’s business as usual for predatory capitalism and international Zionism (in a ‘Clintonesque’ type of way). Two days ago, the rogue State of Israel bombed supposed Iranian-friendly targets (situated deep within Eastern Syria) – using the US Airforce to deliver the death-dealing payload – in an unprovoked terrorist attack designed to illicit a non-democratic regime change. The resulting destruction, murder and mayhem – Biden predictably declared to be ‘measured’ – whilst the UN and Amnesty International retained their customary ‘silence’ in the face of US-Israeli aggressive criminality.  

The Palestinians ‘Resist’ US and Israeli Aggression!

One day ago – the US-Israeli ally of Saudi Arabia came under a short-lived – but unusually intense – ‘rocket’ and ‘drone’ strike! According to reports, actual material damage was minimal, with the incoming missiles being shot-out of the sky with US-provided surface to air missiles. Nevertheless, this is an interesting development. Saudi Arabia was chosen for the Counter-strike because its corrupt leadership habitually supports US political and military interference in the region – and is friendly to the anti-Islamic Israeli State – a policy of treachery motivated by greed for patrol sales and huge profits accrued by its totalitarian, ruling elite.  

The Reality of Life Under the Terrorism of Israeli Zionism!

By hitting Saudi Arabia in retaliation for previous US and Israeli hate-crimes and atrocities – both Israel and the US are ‘struck’ by proxy. If either Israel or the US ‘openly’ reacts to these chain of events (such as making a big show of bombing Iran) – not only would this seem an ‘over-reaction’ – but would prove the point the attackers are making. A very clever (Sunzi-type) response to the barbarity of predatory capitalism and Zionist racism.  The Western media will all but ‘ignore’ the ‘first deaths’ of the Biden Presidency – focusing instead upon the First Lady’s ‘dress’ or the ‘shoes’ of Kamala Harris… 

Iran Will ‘Resist’ US and Israeli Aggression

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