Falun Gong Cult: ABC Film – After 20 Years – Western Media Finally Admits what China Said is True..

ABC Foreign Correspondent – Critical Documentary

I believe everyone will remember that 20 years ago (2000) , the Chinese government banned the “Falun Gong” Cult organization because violated Human Rights and harmed China. However, the Western anti-China forces (headed by the United States), under the banner of “religious freedom,” protected this dehumanizing and life-destructive cult and allowed it to act as their anti-China thugs and pawns. It is not until today, 20 years later, that some of the Western media that once sympathized with “Falun Gong” Cult has re-examined this movement because they were dissatisfied with the cult’s crazy support for US President Trump. As a result, they embarrassingly discovered that the evils of this cult – pointed out 20 years ago by the Chinese State – were all true… The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) yesterday released a 40-minute program on the overseas video-sharing website YouTube, showing relatively in-depth view of how “Falun Gong” broke up families and poisoned lives within Western countries such as the United States and Australia. 

The screenshots are from ABC’s critical “Falun Gong” programme which feature a young woman named Anna who tells how she and her family were poisoned by “Falun Gong” and its cult leader Li Hongzhi. She said that she was often taken by her mother who believed in this cult since she was a child to the “Longquan Temple”, the headquarters of the “Falun Gong” in northern New York, to be brainwashed by the cult. This was with the support and agreement of the US government. At that time, she was told that Li Hongzhi had “mind reading” abilities and that he might be ‘sexually’ drawn to both her and her mother. If this happened, she was not to ‘resist’. This advice shocked her and made her feel terrified for her well-bring – as if her thoughts were being “monitored”. “It’s not like a spiritual bliss, but more like a place to be judged,” Anna said. 

Anna Explains the Mental and Sexual Torture in the Falun Gong Cult!

Li Hongzhi did not want to rape Anna on that day because she is ‘mixed race’ – the product of a Chinese mother and (White) European father. Li Hongzhi instead delivered a warning against the evils of ‘race-mixing’ despite receiving millions of US dollars yearly from the CIA – and a celebrity-status lifestyle of luxury all paid for by the US taxpayer! Li Hongzhi ‘hates’ Europeans and inter-racial marriages – but likes ‘White’ money! He explained that he charges far more money to the ‘Whites’ for the nonsense he peddles – and by ‘race-mixing’ Anna and her mother were ‘disturbing’ his financial arrangements with the US government. Normally, women who are permitted a personal ‘audience’ with Li Hongzhi are taken into a side-room to ‘undress’ and wait to be sexually assault – something Anna and her mother had never been told before. It seems that the racist attitudes of Li Hongzhi ‘saved’ them from sexual assault on this day! 

Li Hongzhi Had a ‘Special’ Relationship with Trump!

After returning home – Anna and her family sought help – through an anti-cult network which deals with many ex-Falun Gong Cult escapees. Despite terrible stories of rape, kidnap, child sexual abuse, physical violence, drug-taking, murder and trafficking, etc, the US government has steadfastly ‘refused’ to take any legal action against Li Hongzhi or his cronies.  Instead, the US continues to state that the Chinese government is ‘wrong’ to ‘ban’ the Falun Gong Cult – which refuses to wear face-masks and respect social distancing and self-isolation procedures during the Covid10 global pandemic! Every step of the way, Li Hongzhi has received official US backing in his attacks upon China’s handling of the crisis! Trump continuously ‘echoed’ his support through the pages of the fascist Epoch Times – a newspaper funded by the US taxpayers and directly controlled by Li Hongzhi. This is attached to the New Tang Dynasty tv channel in the US, as well as the dance company named ‘Shen Yun’! All these media and cultural entities are funded and supported by the US government as supposed shining examples of ‘freedom of speech’!  

US Hypocrisy Continues…

Despite the progressive nature of this programme, the ‘White’ Reporter still refuses to completely condemn the Falun Gong Cult he has help ‘expose’ – and will not admit that China has been correct in her efforts to protect its people from this kind of religious abuse. This is regrettable, as it plays into the hands of Li Hongzhi, who has publicly stated that the Corona Virus is a ‘punishment’ from Heaven because ‘China is not liberal-democratic and does not practice free-market economics’! Indeed, the Reporter gives the impression that he opposes China because at the end of the day he dislikes Socialism more than the he detests the criminality of the Falun Gong Cult! Still, we must continue the fight for justice and protect the masses of the world from the excesses of religious extremism! Critical Western research into the criminality of the Falun Gong Cult is to be welcomed – as is exposure of racism and its complete rejection! This should include not only the rejection of anti-China racism – but also all prejudice toward inter-racial relationships and those groups who misuse religious teachings toward false ends. Western people are welcome to study legitimate traditional Chinese culture in one of the many of the genuine study groups that exist not only in the West, but also, of course, throughout Mainland China!  

Diversity is Beautiful!

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