My Inability to ‘Date’ – My Desire Mechanism Exposed…

Gee – the Most Beautiful Woman in the World!

Well, as I am happily married – I do not ‘date’ – indeed, I have never dated despite being married twice and been involved in a number of odd – if not entirely ‘intimate’ relationships with women. I like the characters of many gay men – they make me laugh – but do not participate in any gay relationships – but that’s just me! As my life has a peculiar trajectory, I have been drawn into the ethnic culture of the very diverse Chinese community in the UK, Hong Kong and Mainland China. I find Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Pakistani, Hispanic and Filipino women, etc, to be extraordinarily beautiful! I also appreciate the beautiful sculptured bone structures of Nordic and Russian women, and I also appreciate women who are of various types of mixed ethnicities.

Gee – London (NHS) Midwife!

This is not a complete list, but only a partial listing of my desire mechanism! African and African-Caribbean women have always been very good to me in my life. I have experienced one or two ‘close’ relationships and appreciate the firm attitude many have taken with me! There is also a layer of attraction that has nothing to do with the physicality of a woman – and everything to do with attitude, thinking process and patterns of behaviour! Taking control, knowing what to do and having the savvy to defuse situations and bring order out of chaos! I have never dated in the conventional sense, as any intimate relationships have developed naturally from social interaction within everyday life and the slow deepening and expansion of feelings for one another.

Happy Together!

I am psychologically and physically ‘unable’ to participate in the contrived ritual of ‘dating’ as I cannot be bothered to ‘pretend’ to be something I am not – and do not really care what others think about me! My view is that women should run the world – as men are crap at it! 

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