Email: Trump’s Pocket (10.11.2020)

US Freedom of Speech

Dear Gillian

Apparently, Bidem received the highest percentage of vote for any US President in its history. There was a record turn-out for voting to get Trump out of Office – and when the result came – the result was significant – which suggests it all comes down to how the term democracy is interpreted. Trump – like Hitler – was popular amongst the rightwing – whilst the centre vote collapsed due to the corruption of Clinton. Hitler, of course, never won an election but was shoe-horned into a position of power into an administration he had not earned – he then ‘abolished’ the democratic system that allowed him to do this. Trump won – but could not abolish the system that brought him to power – but what he did do was severely compromise its democratic principles. His primary message was that ‘racism is good’ and that ‘racists shouldn’t feel ashamed’. Of course, the White Supremacist tendencies of the US police force – the adherents of which must have thought it was a ‘White Xmas’! When George Floyd was ‘murdered’ for being a Black man trying to pay for goods with a chequebook that belonged to him – Trump wanted the responsible police-officer promoted for services to the community! Berlin in the 1930s springs to mind- a kind of comedy-violence which is not that funny if you are the target of it. As the bodies pile-up – there’s not much to laugh about! The rightwing controls so much of society anywy in the capitalist West. It infiltrates the Church, is quite often viewed as ‘fair comment’ in the media and inhabits and controls much of the internet from the fringe shadows to the bright centre! It is everywhere but is denied as being everywhere by the bourgeoisie which uses the rightwing to control certain elements of society. Simply electing an openly fascist politician into a primary position of political power is not required – but when it happens – is viewed as the icing on the cake. For all of Obama’s touchy feely leftism – his establishing of neo-Nazi regimes throughout Eastern Europe is a mind-blowing achievement of rightwing politics! Trump never built his wall – but he did ban Muslims from entering the US – swings and roundabouts. 

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