Email: Falun Gong Cult Backs Trump’s Fascist Stupidity! (10.11.2020)

LiH ongzhi Leads His Falun Gong Cult Followers to Death!

Donald Trump supporters flock to alternative social media sites over claims of ‘censorship and deplatforming’ 

What is interesting is how Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, etc, are designed to generate the ‘illusion’ of individualistic freedom – whilst actually preventing this ‘freedom’ from exceeding the parameters of whatever the current US foreign policy is. Trump supports Zuckerberg who Supports Israel, and so on! The point of US-controlled social media is to spread and perpetuate US-style (rightwing) predatory capitalism around the world and into everyone’s living room with as little resistance and fuss as possible!

Fascist Trump – Enemy of the People

This means that whatever it is that Trump thinks he is doing – he and his fanatical supporters appear to be diverting ‘off-message’ and are supposedly gathering at the far-right social media site – Parler. The reality is that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and do not ‘ban’ the righting – they support it! It is the leftwing (and any ‘true’ reporting) that is ‘banned’ on these so-called mainstream social media platforms.

The Reality of Falun Gong Cult Practice

Interesting to see that the New Tang Dynasty (NTD) TV (of the Falun Gong Cult) is backing Trump with his allegation of (imagined) voter fraud. This sounds like Trump shares the same imagined powers that (the CIA operative) Li Hongzhi usually reserves only for himself or his close inner circle! In other words, NTD TV is supporting not only the US-fabricated fraud that is the Falun Gong Cult – but also the delusions of the political right in the US – whilst simultaneously accusing the Chinese government of practicing ‘intolerance’! Laughingly, NTD TV is referred to here, as being ‘independent media’!  

Li Hongzhi: Falun Gong Cult Leader & CIA Operative

I have never heard of Parler – sounds like the place to be if you like the sound of jack-boots! The far-right are regrouping in this area of the net to mutually indulge their collective paranoia and insecurity, I mean, why would anyone vote against institutional fascism and death? Li Hongzhi is probably leading the breathing exercises whilst Trump keeps up the racist rhetoric. I sense the Vatican knocking…  Trump (like the Falun Gong Cult) is seeking to ‘end’ democracy – under the guise that the democratic process has been ‘compromised’ by those who do not agree with him! Just as Li Hongzhi supposedly represents traditional Chinese culture whilst expressing a fabricated system of Eurocentric and racist ‘misrepresentation’ that steals the innocence and freedom of the easily led!

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