US Bombs China with ‘Recovery’ Bibles!

Witness Lee Provides the Ammunition!

The racism that usually underlies US domestic and foreign policy is now so blatantly obvious (and forthright) that nobody even bothers hiding it any more. Capitalist America has no answer to the giant economic and scientific strides being made by ‘Socialist’ China and the pristine leadership of the Communist Party! Denial and aggression seem to be the only responses the US government are able to muster. Trump would like a war with China – after-all – the US might win – but all the experts who matter are warning the President that in all liklihood the US would ‘lose’!On the religious front, the US continues its policy of supporting the Falun Gong Cult and the Pro-Tibetan Movement, as well perpetuating the absurd mythology of Uyghur Concentration Camps in Xinjiang! This nonsense makes no impact upon the Chinese population simply because the US does not understand what it means to be ‘Chinese’. Ethnic Chinese people living in China inhabit a psycho-physical space that is so old that it pre-dates Western civilisation, and which makes the US appear like a short-term social experiment, albeit one that is not working out too well! The Chinese people have chosen Marxist-Leninism (Maoism) as a means to launch themselves into modernity and beyond! This is the only Western ideology that the Chinese people want to apply to the updating of their ancient culture. They do not want predatory capitalism, Eurocentric racism or the religious fog associated with the entirely ‘foreign’ teachings of Christianity. The above Bible was written by a group in the US founded by ‘Witness Lee’ – an American born Chinese person. He believes that his Christian Movement is ‘Recovering’ the ‘original’ meaning of the Christian Bible through a more in depth translation process. As Witness Lee is not ‘White’, Christians in the West tend to reject his message, and attempt to hide their racism behind a smokescreen of theological analysis, when in reality they are all as mad as each other! They all believe in invisible spirits, wrathful gods, virgin births and variants there of. The US government uses the racist idea that if one Chinese person in America can believe this crap, then its just a matter of time before they all do (like an ecclesiastical domino effect)! The entrapped population living in the US colony of Taiwan have no choice but to succumb to this brainwashing, but when the US resorts to the desparate measure of actually ‘firing’ thousands of Bibles into Chinese territory, you know Trump has finally lost the plot! The Chinese Authorities are gathering these Bibles up and recycling them into Covid19 masks which are then sent back to the US – courtesy of the CPC! An interacting side note is that the US did try this process with the DPRK – but the DPRK immediately fired a precision missile back which blew the Bible van to smitheteensl in a rare display of the humour, a CPC spokesperson stated that anyone caught reading these Bibles ‘will be laughed at’!

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