Genuine Religion Must Reject Capitalism and Embrace Socialism!

The Vatican Salutes Hitler

All Marxist-Leninist regimes immediately disempower established religions, but what does this mean? This policy has nothing to do with the inner dynamics of a religion – if people worship a divine banana, the banana will continue to be ‘divine’ (at least in their minds) – even after a successful Socialist Revolution has taken place! Disempowerment in this context involves the stripping away of ALL political power and direct influence and interference in the class-room. That’s it. Religions that advocate the peaceful exploration of the inner-self have no reason (or ‘right’) to possess direct political power, or to brain-wash young minds before they can discern right from wrong on a scientific basis. I have made the argument elsewhere (as a ‘Political Commissar’ in-charge of religious integration) that this process actually ‘returns’ religions back to their developmental origins – free of political or secular interference. The problem the for Abrahamic religions is that despite having a core of worldly indifference, groups of ambitious men have taken over these religions and used the concept of mass organisation to seize (or ‘influence’) the political process and educational apparatus within a particular society. This creates a superstructure of ‘popularism’ that obscures the original ‘world-denying’ foundations of these religions, and has replaced ‘retiring from the world’ with ‘dominating the very same world’!  

Obviously, the ‘popularist’ religious authorities know that Marxist-Leninists are on to them and ideologically contract around the auspices of predatory capitalism and liberal democracy as a defence mechanism. The Roman Catholic Church takes it a step further and has openly supported fascism and Nazism in modern times –and still does! Today, many Polish Catholics are re-writing history in Poland and asserting that the invading Nazi Germans were ‘saviours of the Polish people’ (other than the Disabled and the Jews), and that the Soviet Red Army was the real ‘enslaver’! A similar picture exists in Western Ukraine, where the ‘new’ SS Brigades salute Hitler and the Pope with equal fervour! This is the evil that Marxist-Leninism seeks to stop in the name of humanity and the light of reasoned science! Within China, Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism pledge allegiance to the Communist Party of China (CPC), as do the far-smaller Chinese populations of Protestants and Catholics (a lasting legacy of Western imperialism in China).  

Fidel Castro in Cuba attempted to associate Socialist Reform with the ‘true’ aspiration of Jesus Christ and those Christians who pursue peace, equality and justice. As the Vatican wants temporal power at all costs, it doesn’t give a damn about genuine peace if it means no political power! This is the evil within religion that Marxist-Leninism must a) identify, b) isolate from genuine religious practice and c) eradicate for the benefit of the entirety of humanity! Ideally, Marxist-Leninists require religionists who are ‘Socialists. It is these people that are promoted into positions of ecclesiastical power and influence. It is exactly this ‘Socialism’ within religion that Marxist-Leninists must encourage. This is how the millions of religionists in the world make the transition from supporting predatory capitalism, to supporting a progressive Socialism! 

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