Email: A Ch’an Master Can come and go as they please (22.8.2020)

The Endless Moment…

Dear Gillian

It strikes me that life is prolonged through sentiment, but what if life is just as long as it is meant to be? No pushing and no pulling. Obviously, I don’t mean letting life die just for the sake of it (as through accident, illness, criminality or warfare, etc), or not bothering to develop medicine or surgical procedures, but rather accepting – with tranquillity – (on a personal level) that everything has a time. I think St John says something about everything having its proper time (I think it was read out at my Nana’s funeral in 1992), but Buddha speaks continuously of not being attached to ‘change’ and developing a peaceful mind in the face of continuous transition. (Moment to moment in the Abhidhamma and lifetime to lifetine in the Suttas). There is a point within the experience of the shallowness of material existence, and the tyranny of material limitations, that the inner being cries ‘enough’! I must admit that I was born this way but have had to ‘make do’. Yes, there were times of wealth amidst the grinding poverty, but I just do not want to play this game of acquiring ‘more’ profit than my neighbour! I just cannot be bothered with it all. Any wealth I have, I immediately give away. There is a greater wealth – the wealth of spiritual fulfilment – this is where my mind and heart reside. Everyone needs to have enough, be in good health and not exist in a mode of continuous suffering. That’s it – ‘voila’ as the French say!

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