How the ‘End’ of Corbyn’s Labour Will Play Out…


Despite the Tories (and LibDems) inflicting the greatest hardship upon the British people since the Victorian era, and the United Nations effectively finding the Coalition Government ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ for the deaths of at least 120,000 due to Austerity (Between 2010-2016), the Labour Party has still managed to lose two General Elections in a row – packaging each defeat as some kind of ‘moral’ victory. Even under ‘New’ Labour, the Welfare State was being dismantled and the National Health Service privatised. Why are the different British Governments pursuing these unpopular and counter-intuitive policies? The answer is that membership of the European Union demands that ALL Socialistic provisions within Member States be ‘privatised’ and sold into the hands of private share-holders. The EU has its roots in post-WWII European reconstruction as dictated by a rampant United States and docile United Kingdom. As a means to prevent the spread of influence by the Soviet Union into Western Europe, the British and Americans concocted a plan to convert the often leftist inclinations of the various European countries into rightwing bastions of US-friendly free market economic zones. The US paid for the reconstruction providing ALL Socialist provision was abandoned for a system of predatory capitalism. This enforced conversion has not happened overnight, but its finishing touches are now being felt at the current time, as the Socialist British institutions are under attack. The Labour Party is not Socialist, but full of Trotskyites and left-leaning capitalists – although the Blairites are proud to refer to themselves as ‘rightwing’. As long as Members of the Communist Party are ‘banned’ from joining the Labour Party – the Labour Party can never be truly ‘Socialist’ as it attempts to continuously sell the false idea of ‘reforming’ capitalism. I suspect the Labour Party can nolonger win a General Election with Jeremy Corbyn as its leader. Although in no way a ‘Marxist’, Corbyn represents a compassionate approach to politics that is at odds with the US-controlled European Union. The British Establishment has colluded with the EU and the political rightwing to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Office. As caring for others is the exact opposite to the preferred method favoured by the US and EU – no leader with this quality will be allowed anywhere near the elected political leadership of the UK. Even half of the Labour Party is already fully in favour of US and EU predatory capitalism and have been attacking Corbyn from within. Add this to the highly effective attack upon the Labour Party by the forces of Zionist Israel and the conditions are now right for Jeremy Corbyn to be forced into an act of ‘resignation’. This will be packaged as being for the ‘greater good’ of the Labour Party, and a new pro-capitalist and pro-Zionist leader will be chosen who will campaign upon a platform of ‘humanely’ privatising the NHS and ‘gently’ withdrawing the Welfare State. These announcements will be enthusiastically met by the Trotskyite unions that have felt ‘uncomfortable’ with Corbyn’s lurch to the left – not quite knowing just how Marxist-Leninist it might be! In the meantime, the Tories will ditch Theresa May and select a new leader who will make half-hearted apologies for Austerity on the surface – whilst continuing the policy of privatising the NHS and dismantling the Welfare State behind the scenes with no opposition from a reformed Labour. The Brexit Vote will be quietly placed to one side, and the UK’s continued Membership of the EU announced (with no media or Labour opposition). The Tories will win the next General Election without the aid of the DUP and this entire episode will be recorded as the last ineffective gasp of British Socialism! The Soviet Union will be finally conflated with Nazi Germany – and the idea of the USSR being an ‘ally’ of the UK written-out of history. The forces of US anti-intellectualism will finally succeed in (falsely) re-interpreting WWII as a battle between the ‘free’ (capitalist) world and the forces of ‘Socialism’ (and ‘Nazism’)!

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