Moorfields NHS Eye Hospital: Kay Lovesah’s Faces of London (11.3.2019)

Those disabled people who have survived this ‘cull’ are expected to get jobs that do not exist, in a ruthless system that does not have to lawfully employ them! Many disabled people have cognitive impairments, or such debilitating illness, injuries and genetic issues that mean they cannot survive on their own in the brutal system that is predatory capitalism. Some people have disabilities that are not obvious and can be hidden from view, or suitably engaged in some other form of employment, whilst they move through life trying the best they can. Today, whilst visiting Moorfields NHS Eye Hospital in London for a checkup, I came across the work of Kay Lovesah being exhibited. I do not know Kay Lovesah and what I write here are only my own viewpoints presented my personal blog, but Kay Lovesah has taken a disability and adapted it to positively serve her impulse to produce artwork of a professional standard.