Terrorist Crimes of the Modern State of Israel

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The title ‘Terrorist Crimes of Israel’ pertains to three distinct categories of observation 1) the principle that the modern State of Israel is premised upon the Eurocentric and racist ideology of Zionism, 2) the application of this racially based terrorism toward the Palestinian people, and those sympathetic to their cause, and 3) the policy of the modern State of Israel to reduce all criticism of its extensive and ongoing war crimes (and crimes against humanity), to simply being that of isolated manifestations of ‘anti-Semitism’.  The modern State of Israel pursues this policy of eternal victimhood to mask the ‘racist’ policies it routinely pursues.  Any attempt to ‘see through’ this charade, or to call attention to the rapes, murders, abuses and tortures, are met with cries of anti-Semitism, despite the fact that Israel has carried-out deliberate terrorist attacks in the past aimed at US citizens and US interests abroad.  The Soviet Union permanently broke-off official diplomatic relations with the modern State of Israel in 1967, following the Six Day War that saw Israel use is US-supplied weapons technology to further attack the impoverished Arab populations of Palestine.  The USSR took this action due to the duplicitous behaviour of the Israeli government, which used the ‘myth’ that it was ‘defending’ itself against Arab aggression to extend its territory.  This is a lie that still has currency in mainstream history books throughout the Zionist supporting world, but not of course, in any history emanating from the victims of this Israeli aggression.  This is not surprising as the very notion of a ‘modern State’ of Israel is premised upon European racism and imperialism.  The creation of ‘Israel’ was an act of blatant Eurocentric racism that sought to take large parts of geographical Palestine and give it to predominantly ‘white’ European Jewish people, who were pursuing a racist, nationalist agenda through the use of terrorism.  This Eurocentric legitimation of ‘terrorists’ and ‘terrorism’ has led to widespread violence and racism throughout Palestine, and the death of thousands of innocent Palestinians.  Israel presents its naked aggression and atrocities as ‘legitimate’ military action, and demonises the impoverished, Palestinian population as ‘terrorists’ whenever Arab individuals are driven to disparate acts of resistance.  An interesting comparison can be made between the Palestinian resistance to Israeli aggression and fascism in Palestine, and the French Resistance to the Nazi German occupation of their country during WWII.  Essentially every Israeli military action since its inception in 1947, has been an exercise in land-grabbing, intimidation of the Arab population, and ethnic cleansing, but the actions of the Israeli intelligence and military personnel outside of Israel, has also involved the use of terrorism and murder to create conflicts between other nations.

In Soviet Russia during the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, it was thought that a Communist Revolution would occur that would create a Middle Eastern Socialist Block.  In the meantime, despite reservations, the USSR had diplomatically recognised the modern State of Israel following the Nazi German atrocities perpetuated against European Jewry.  Despite this assistance in legitimation, from the beginning of Israeli-USSR diplomatic relations, the Israeli policy was one of bourgeois nationalism and the undermining of Communist internationalism.  Despite the USSR recognising the modern State of Israel, its official policy was one of supporting Arab regimes fighting for independence from European colonialism.  As many Jewish people had openly supported the USSR and its fight against Nazi German fascism during WWII, (and had also professed a belief in the Communist cause), the USSR initially supported Israel in the hope that it would serve as a major support in the process of Communist revolution throughout the Middle East.  It was thought that through the instigation of ‘Socialism’ and ‘internationalism’ in the area, the ethnic, cultural and religious tensions would be defused, and replaced by a new ‘non-racialised’ solidarity that would unite around the common cause of anti-imperialism.  It soon became obvious that the rightwing Zionism pursued by the modern State of Israel had no ideological association with the tenants of Marxist-Leninism (which was readily embraced by the Arab populations).  Whereas ‘politicised’ religion was viewed as an impediment to modern and scientific civilisation, the Israelis viewed it as the basis of their state.  Whereas racism was viewed as being the false product of capitalist exploiters, designed to falsely separate the workers into easily controllable and mythical ‘national’ groups, Israel perceived the notion of a pure ‘Jewish’ race as being the basis for Israeli identity.  Whereas the USSR viewed terrorism as essentially incorrect and counter-productive to the cause (and well-being) of the worker, the modern State of Israel interpreted covert and overt military action as legitimate aspects of its foreign policy.  Golda Meir – the Israeli ambassador to the USSR from 1948-1949 – worked tirelessly to undermine Soviet authority in the USSR by continuously carrying-out Zionist propaganda campaigns within Soviet communities of Jewish descent.  This was a deliberate Zionist policy of working to re-instate the backward and primitive mind-set of ‘religiosity’ into the minds of those who had evolved to a higher state of progressive conscious development.  Part of the idea, no doubt, was to encourage Soviet Jews to immigrate to Israel and take with them their Communist education, whilst returning them to a state of dependence upon mythical beliefs.  As the Soviet System was opposed to this rightwing attempt to bring-down its Communist ideology, it took action to limit Israeli attempts at turning back the revolution.  This led to a Jewish inspired plot in the USSR (the so-called ‘Doctors’ Plot’) designed to poison Joseph Stalin.  In February, 1953, a bomb was exploded outside the Soviet Embassy in Tel Aviv, injuring three people.  Following this Israeli terrorist incident, the USSR announced that it was cutting its diplomatic ties with the Zionist State.

On June 30th, 1954, Israeli agents in Egypt launched Operation Susannah.  The Israeli spymaster in Egypt named Abraham Dar worked under the code name ‘John Darling’ – pretending to be a British business.  The Israeli government tasked Dar with attacking British and American targets in Cairo and Alexandria.  This operation was carried-out by the Israeli Special Forces Unit 131.  The brief of Unit 131 was to create ‘diversionary’ activity to influence political and military relations in the Middle East.  It was tasked with attacking US and British interests in Egypt as a means to create tension (and war) between Egypt, Britain and the US as a means to further Israeli nationalist ambitions.  The obvious ‘racist’ aspect of this ‘operation’ is evident from the fact that the European, Jewish agents of Israeli Unit 131, attempted to pass themselves off as ‘Arab’ terrorists and create the false impression that ‘Egyptian’ terrorists had deliberately targeted British and American citizens abroad.  Operation Susannah was also formulated to placate the pro-Israel Jewish lobby in the US that was opposed to any closer and peaceful ties between Egypt and America.  Unit 131’s anti-Western terrorist campaign began with the bombing of a number of American information centres in Cairo.  Then in December 1954, two Israeli agents were caught red-handed by Egyptian security forces, trying to smuggle a bomb into a packed cinema in Cairo.  These two Unit 131 operatives not only admitted to the plot (exposing the entire network of Israeli spies in Egypt), but when tried it was confirmed that the Israeli government was behind this blatant act of international terrorism.  Two agents were given the death sentence, one committed suicide whilst in prison, and the rest exchanged for Egyptian POW’s after the Six Day War in 1967.

During the Six Day War Israel launched a combined air and sea military attack on USS Liberty – an American ‘intelligence’ gathering ship stationed at the time in international waters, near the north coast of Sinai, Egypt.  The US, despite supporting Israel financially, militarily and politically, maintained an official position of ‘neutrality’ throughout the conflict.  This sustained Israeli military attack (against a lightly-armed US Naval ship) killed 34 US military personnel, and wounded 171 crew members.  The Israeli attacked commenced during the afternoon of June 8th, 1967.  Although Israel has never been held officially held responsible for this act of blatant aggression against its own ally – it has admitted initiating the attack and has paid-out tens of millions of dollars to the US families of those killed and wounded.  As usual, the Zionist State has used lying as a means to hide the true nature of its hate-filled ideology.  Although officially stating that the Israeli military thought the ship to be ‘unidentified’ when the attack took place (presumably believing it to be ‘Arab’), the recordings of radio communication between Israeli command, Israeli pilots and Israeli torpedo boat crews, clearly demonstrates that all the Israelis involved in the attack knew that that they were attacking a US naval ship, and that they had been ordered to do so.  The Israeli radio chatter is triumphalist and highly antagonistic.  US survivors of the attack reported that the Israeli Airforce deliberately machine-gunned survivors in the water – and after the attacked had finished – refused to offer any medical or humanitarian assistance to the beleaguered US crew.  Even to this day, many of the US survivors are embittered by the approach of their own American government, which chose to pursue a line that nothing of significance had happened.  This is remarkable considering how the US went to war in Vietnam after fabricating the ‘Gulf of Tonkin Incident’ which (falsely) stated that North Vietnamese torpedo boats had attacked the US Navy, etc.



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