Buddha Opposed Religious Ignorance


This photograph does not offend me in the same manner as racism, or social inequality.  In fact it does not offend me at all.  Religious ignorance is the utilising of a limited and counter-productive irrationality to interpret internal and external phenomena.  In other words, the paradigm used by the ordinary mind to assess its own perceptions, is flawed.  The Buddha, in every single text ascribed to him, whether it be Hinayana, Mahayana or Tantrayana (with its overt sexual imagery) adheres to this exact same message – all of humanity’s sufferings either inwardly (self-imposed) or externally (imposed by others), are the product of an inverted mind that at root is enmeshed in the corrupt psychology of greed, hatred, and delusion.  Greed, hatred and delusion have collectively given rise to every mode of thought prior to the Buddha’s unmasking of its process.  Great civilisations have come and gone premised entirely upon this triple ignorance, and despite the greatness of such things as the pyramids, the hanging gardens of Babylon, or the great wall of China, etc, have all been produced by intellects consumed by the ‘desire’ to ‘achieve’.  This demonstrates just how ‘clever’ the deluded mind can be, even though it is completely unaware of its own manifestation and functionality.  Prior to the Buddha’s pronouncement of a revealing philosophical psychology, humanity operated through an inverted (or ‘deluded’) mind that produced ideas and desires in a dysfunctional manner.  This included the building of religions in both theoretical and physical structure.  It makes no difference what the ‘religion’ teaches, as all religions founded upon the edifice of a deluded mind share exactly the same premise of greed, hatred, and delusion.  This is why the Buddha stated that ‘gods’ only appear to exist if the individual believes they do, but upon the realisation of how the mind really works (i.e. enlightenment), then it is understood that gods do not independently exist outside of the mind that perceives them to do so.  However, as the uprooting of greed, hatred, and delusion, leads to a mind that is wise and knows what is ‘true’ and what is ‘false’, the premise of discrimination is also uprooted and all beings – regardless of their current state of mind – are treated with loving kindness and compassion.  An enlightened Buddhist becomes indifferent to the views of others, and either offers advice if required, or remains quiet if not.  Buddhism does not convert or proselytise.  The general ignorance that gives rise to theistic religion is of course the general ignorance that underlies all of society.  For instance, I suspect this photograph is ‘false’.  I do not believe that Muslim women would behave in this manner.  I also believe that it is designed to encourage ‘hatred’ between ignorant Buddhists and Muslims as a means to fuel the contemporary and deluded Buddhist trend in parts of Asia, of Islamophobia.  Ignorant Buddhists are just as ‘ignorant’ as everyone else, the only difference is that they mistake the Buddha for a god, and the Ordained Sangha for his prophets upon earth.  The psychology of ‘ignorance’ is all persuasive and is applicable to all beings and it does not matter if it is recognised or not – it functions regardless.  A truly ‘enlightened’ Buddhist who has spent the time ‘uprooting’ greed, hatred, and delusion, will ‘see through’ the surface structure of this image, and into the unifying emptiness behind.  These young women are probably very poor and have been ‘paid’ or ‘forced’ to dress and behave in this ‘un-Islamic’ manner.  Although I cannot tell exactly what this statue is, it might be a Tantrayana design – which is not common at all in Malaysia (the supposed location for this picture).  Perhaps it is in a museum somewhere and the young women could be from anywhere.  This picture is from a Chinese language website – but Chinese language articles that attempt to cause trouble in Asia can originate from anywhere in the world – including the US, Canada and Taiwan, etc.  Much damage is done to Chinese traditional beliefs and modern culture by the deluded Falun Gong Movement which is a criminal outfit that project their propaganda through the Epoch Times.  The answer to all this duplicity is to look within to expel confusion and gain clarity of insight.  Finally, to all my friends who sincerely believe in a god – I support you in your spiritual endeavours without question.

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