The Issue of Zionism and Israel


Miko Peled – The General’s Son

The modern State of Israel grew-out of decades of UK imperialism in the Middle East in general, and Palestine in particularly. International Jewish opinion must not and cannot automatically be equated with the political ideology of Zionism. International Jewish opinion is diverse and varied depending upon where Jewish people live, the cultures within which they live, and the political and economic systems within which they happen to live throughout the world. I am not knowingly a person of Jewish origin – as far as I am aware – and as an Internationalist I thoroughly reject all forms of racism including any and all forms of genuine anti-Semitism. The historical and irrational persecution of the Jewish people is plain for all to see and any right-minded individual would condemn such a hateful ideology out of hand and without reservation. This is a matter of clear thinking openly supported by many Jewish people around the world. However, Zionism is also a form of racism that has emerged out of a distortion of Jewish theology that has been merged with rightwing political nationalism. This rightwing political nationalism conflates the Jewish theological position that the Jewish people are god’s chosen people (and are therefore ‘special’ amongst the various and different peoples of the world) with that of the pseudo-science of racial superiority. The Jewish theological position is not in its purest form ‘racial’ in any way, as can be seen by the fact that Jewish people can be of any and all ethnic origin. Jewish people can be Black, White, Chinese, Arab and Asian, with no theological distinction between them as their different physical characteristics and cultures do not detract from the fact that the Hebrew god sees all his people as being theologically ‘equal’ with no other distinction interceding with this religious position.

Zionism, on the other hand, should not be confused with Jewish theology. Zionism is not Jewish theology, but Zionism is Eurocentric nationalist racism that assumes a ‘racial’ superiority for predominantly ‘White’ Jewish people of European descent. This has led to government policy in Israel openly discriminating against Jewish people of non-European descent (as can be seen with the treatment of the Ethiopian Jews), which has led to a racial hierarchy of ‘Jewishness’ in Israel premised upon ‘worth’ denoted entirely by skin-colour. From a political perspective, the modern State of Israel is a racist state that is dominated by a Judeo-fascist ideology that continuously presents its racism to the world stage as legitimate Jewish theology. This ‘Zionism’ is then unleashed on the Palestinians both within the geographical boundaries that now define the modern State of Israel, and on the Palestinians that live in the reduced geographical area now known tentatively (but not officially) as ‘Palestine’. Even if it is acknowledged that NOT all Jewish people currently living in Israel support the racist ideology of Zionism, it also has to be acknowledged that ALL Jewish people are subjected to Zionism because it is the dominant political ideology that has governed not only the modern State of Israel since its inception, but was also the ideology of the Jewish terrorist groups that carried-out illegal military actions against the British Authorities, moderate Jews, and Muslims, etc. The Jews in Palestine were never the subject of the holocaust initiated by Nazi Germany but after WWII the false assumption that Palestinian Jews had suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany became accepted as ‘true’ and a defining aspect for all subsequent military actions taken by Israel either against the Palestinians, or their Arab neighbours. This element of Zionism also justified numerous Israeli terrorist attacks such as the 1948 Zionist assassination of the UN Ambassador in Israel, and the deliberate attacks on US citizens in Egypt in 1954 (Operation Susannah), and the Israeli attacks on the US Naval vessel USS Liberty in June 1967. This ability of Israel to openly flout International Law with impunity has led to allegations that Israeli Intelligence was in some way involved in the 9/11 terror attacks on the world trade buildings in 2001 – attacks that were initially blamed on the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) at the time by Israel, apparently in the Israeli hope that the US would initiate an unjust and genocidal war against the Palestinians so that Zionism could spread into a conquered Palestine, and Jewish migrants could take land they do not own for their own use, etc

Most Jewish people both inside Israel and throughout the world, do not agree with Zionism and do not practice racial hatred. Many Jewish people also have very good relations with Muslims around the world, even though Palestinians living in Israel do not possess equal rights with their Jewish counterparts. The Zionist interpretation of history is academically flawed and racially motivated in their distortion. In this regard, the Zionist Government of Israel uses its media and academia to create a false history that misleads its own people from one generation to the next, which is a policy well known in Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler also misused the German media and academia to instil in the minds of the German people an attitude that intensified already existing anti-Semitic tendencies present within German society, and ensuring that a non-Jewish population was ready to racially hate Jewish people, perceive them as non-humans, and ultimately commit an unthinking genocide against them. Zionism in Israel reflects the ideology of racial superiority for one group – i.e. Zionist Jews – and demonises as ‘sub-human’ the Palestinians, all other Arabs, and any non-Arabs who dare to defy this racism and speak out against Jewish racist Zionism, and try to help the victims of Zionist racism. Jewish people have to be the vehicle for change that dismantles the Zionist infrastructure and clears away Jewish racism in the Middle East. We as non-Jews must assist the decent minded Jewish people to oust Zionism and free the Palestinian people from the slave-like conditions they live under. The political non-Jewish rightwing has no say in this situation as it remains vehemently anti-Semitic in its ideology and anti-Semitism is wrong – end of story. Jewish people follow a religion that is non-racial in it theology, but which has been tainted by rightwing Eurocentric ideology of race-hate in the form of Zionism. The modern State of Israel will survive if it initiates a policy of ‘wisdom’ over that of racism, and frees the Palestinians from oppression, and all Arab peoples from the threat of Israeli military strikes supported by the USA. We non-Jews should help the decent minded Jewish people to achieve these important humanitarian objectives.

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