Tibet is Beautiful Under CPC Administration! (29.3.2018)

This operation was a disaster for the CIA which tried to cover its tracks by fabricating a counter-narrative which omitted its own presence in Tibet, and packaged the uprising it had concocted as a ‘freedom movement’ entirely formulated by Tibetans. This was followed by fictitious Hollywood films and a number of ‘Free Tibet’ movements all funded by the US government. The US has also manufactured a refugee crisis in Asia whereby Tibetans are ‘paid’ to congregate in various places, claiming persecution, etc. The reality is that modern Tibet is a thriving part of modern China that has no association with the corrupt and backward Tibet that was once ruled by the 14th Dalai Lama. Tibetan people are modern, well educated, and pursuing fulfilling lives. These modern people view movements such as the Pro-Tibetan Movement as being Eurocentric and racist in nature, with nothing to do with the reality of life in Tibet which booming under the auspices of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

India’s Embrace of (Eurocentric) Anti-China Racism and the Dalai Lama

I have been astonished (on more than one occasion). to witness intelligent Indian people that I know on social media – trumpeting BJP anti-China racism – and repeating news stories that are obviously ‘false’! Much of the anti-China film footage from these fake news stories is filmed in the US colony of Taiwan – where the Chinese language dialogue is different to that expected on the Mainland, the uniforms of the military are inaccurate, and the behaviour of the officials (or soldiers shown) is distinctly ‘non-Chinese’!

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