Racism and Animal Rights


As a supporter of the Leftwing, I fully support the principle of raising the level of human consciousness, and in so doing, changing the manner we as a species interact with animals and insects, etc. At the moment the default setting for human-animal interaction is at a cruel setting, administered through hatred and anger (and even enjoyment), or a complete indifference to the plight of other species as they suffer through human action or inaction. The Animal Rights Movement is not naturally Leftwing, but is split into a Left and a Right camp. The rightists are fascist and over-sentimentalise Animal Rights, whilst allowing all kinds of abhorrent behaviour to be committed against other human beings – they are also inherently racist. They follow the bizarre example of Adolf Hitler who was a vegetarian and who enacted some of the first ever laws banning animal cruelty and experimentation – at exactly the same time as he ordered people with disabilities to be euthanized, and Jews, homosexuals, dissidents, Communists and ethnic minorities to removed from society through shooting, starving, gassing and other brutal methods. Needless to say the fascist rightwing is very active in the UK and the West, and is always racializing Animal Rights. In reality it should make no difference whatsoever what religion or complexion a human being possesses who is caught brutalising another species – it is the ‘brutalising’ of an animal that is the obvious issue for Animal Rights campaigners. It is the hateful thought processes and the destructive physical actions they produce that are the only issue, simply because it is through changing attitudes that behaviours are also changed. When this important point is established, then why is it that the rightwing Animal Rights lobby always refers to the ethnicity of an abuser of animals if they happen to be Black, Chinese or Asian, but never refer to a European animal abuser as being ‘White’? Why is it that the abuse of animals that involves non-Europeans is always associated with Black, Chinese and Asian cultures (as if these cultures are inherently inferior), but the European cultures of ‘White’ animal abusers is always ignored and left-out of the equation? In other words, why is that White animal abuse is culture-neutral, whilst Black, Chinese and Asian animal abuse is culture-specific? The answer is simple, the rightwing Animal Rights lobby pursues the ideology of racism hidden behind a thin-veneer of an ‘apparent’ concern for the welfare of animals. Rightwing Animal Rights is the enemy of humanity and the enemy of animals, because it is the fascist ideology of embracing and perpetuating the very human ignorance that causes animal abuse in the first place!

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