Why the Bourgeois Will Never Allow True Democracy

Chartist Riots - UK
Chartist Riots – UK

It is interesting that Germany (the defeated enemy of WWII) lies at the heart of the EU policy of dismantling Welfare Systems and National Health Services, (preferring that all EU countries ‘privatise’ their services and sell them to the USA), whilst Germany herself remains thoroughly ‘Socialistic’ in its social care and welfare programmes! This means that the people of greater Europe suffers ‘austerity’ whilst Germany’s citizenship remains safe and secure in its socialised financial cocoon. The US profit-mongers get fat whilst we – the ordinary people – get thinner, being told by the middle class media that are suffering is ‘good’ for us! Research has shown that a number of former high-ranking Nazi officials have lived-out their lives in the relative luxury of a ‘new’ Germany whose reconstruction was paid for by the very Allies they attacked! Greece – the victim of Churchill’s duplicity and Nazi atrocity – has finally thrown-off the yoke of EU-Germanic neo-imperialism!

History clearly demonstrates that the capitalist system never takes any attacks upon it by lying down and passively acquiescing to its own demise, no matter how slight or significant the defiance. This is why I doubt the bourgeois system will take this latest affront lying down. After all, when the offices of a racist French magazine were attacked by representatives of the religion they routinely attacked and demeaned, the bourgeois – in a shameless display of sham ‘togetherness’ – ignored ‘why’ the magazine was attacked, and instead used their media to focus upon the ‘physical violence’ of the attackers, rather than ‘psychological violence’ of the racist magazine concerned. The message the bourgeois were sending is simple; confront any aspect of middle class injustice, racism, hypocrisy, or self-aggrandisement, and it will kill you and defame your mission after your death! The bourgeois, through their actions, demonstrate that if the oppressed want to continue living in their retched existence, then they must never attack the hand that oppresses them.

The Greek democratic success has follow just weeks after the Charlie Hebdo affair and the subsequent stage-managed aftermath. If history repeats itself, the bourgeois media will now swing into action and bombard the masses outside of Greece with anti-Greek propaganda that will include, ridicule, sarcasm, racism, pseudo-history, and warped economy and political analysis. The USA and the EU will use their respective intelligence services to attack Greece and weaken the internal support for the new leftwing government, and isolate it in the international community through punitive actions. The working class will be threatened out of their revolutionary mind-set, and involuntarily pushed into supporting the very system that oppresses them. Any deviation from this line will result in instant arrest, imprisonment, or worse. Like the investigations into Blair’s illegal ‘oil wars’, important participants may have the tendency to ‘disappear’, or commit suicide whilst their hands are tied behind their back. However, what the bourgeois cannot stop is the inevitable force of history that will end in their own demise – an outcome their destructive actions only serve to bring ever closer!

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

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