Russia: Pan-Slavic Racism – An Example! (30.4.2023)

Translator’s Note: I spend hours – as an academic – reading many different texts in their native written scripts. Due to my interest in the Soviet Archives – I have familiarised myself with ‘Cyrillic’ (a form of Ancient Greek writing) which is used throughout Russia and wherever (Scandinavian) Slavs have settled. Modern Ukrainians simply developed a slightly altered form of ‘Cyrillic‘ and like to pretend they are a people with a ‘unique’ origin. All Slavs arrived in boats (as ‘Vikings’) in the Russia area – with many mixing with the “Asian” indigenous populations – end of story. Indeed, much of the Western racism aimed at Russians is due to this “mixing” – which is looked down upon by racists.

I do not like the “capitalist” system – and make no secret of this dislike. I prefer the pre-Khrushchev era of the USSR (of Lenin and Stalin) – and think a post-Khrushchev USSR possessed an ample opportunity to mend its ways, apologise to Stalin and make friends with ‘Maoist’ China! Alas, this was not to happen – and today – just 32-years after the collapse of the USSR, racism is rife amongst the Slavic population! This is due to the spread of Pan-Slavic (White Supremacy) and a government led by a former KGB Operative who seems to have adopted the bigotry of the Russian Orthodox Church he so admires!

Ironically, when he was a KGB Agent – Vladimir Putin was tasked with ensuring that the religiously-minded supported “Socialism” and did not work with foreign powers to under mind the Soviet State! Whatever left-leaning liberalism exists in the West today – with its pro-LGBTQN+ and anti-racist attitudes – arises from the influence the “Socialist” Soviet Union exerted on our Western (capitalist) cultures during the time of its existence! The West would not have developed these attitudes on its own! Below is an example of typical ‘racist’ posts that I encounter whilst routinely frequenting Russian language forums! I have translated the text and enhanced the meaning premised upon the discussion that then followed it – as this developed the intended meaning! ACW (30.4.2023)

The Egyptian Queen – who was originally from the Greek-Macedonian Ptolemaic Dynasty (as depicted in the new Netflix historical mini-series) – was played by a Black woman from Britain (they call her ‘British’)! Egyptian Arabs and Greeks are already outraged over this racial misrepresentation – and in Egypt itself – they are trying to BAN the series from being shown in that country so as to NOT pollute the youth!

We think that this (trans-racial) theme is really cool – and that the Queen of Great Britain (Elizabeth II) – should also be played by a Black woman! Why not – such a Black woman will be called ‘British’! This is the new reality being exported into the modern UK – from the colonies dominated for hundreds of years by England! Those that once “ruled” are no longer in charge – and those who used to be “ruled” have taken over the country! The indigenous people of England have forgotten their true identity and have become sullied by those they once ruled! This is the new reality the British want to export into Russia and which we must resist!

P.S. Yes, this may seem trivial – but why not let the (migrant) Blacks play all the Western leaders! If we Slavs do not stop this Western pollution – then Russia will one day be run by a “Black”! Blacks playing “Whites” is a cover for “Gays” to infiltrate “Straight” (normal) society! Ukraine is just a start and Russians must work to stop this racial (and perverted) liberalism from entering our country! We must send a clear message to a lost Britain – Russia will not stand for this deliberate destruction of Slavic culture!


Russian Language Test:

Египетскую царицу из греческо-македонской династии Птолемеев в историческом сериале сыграла негритянка из Британии. Египетские арабы и греки уже возмутились, а в самом Египте пытаются запретить сериал к показу в стране.

Мы считаем, что тема классная и королеву Великобритании Елизавету II, тоже должна сыграть негритянка, это будет нормальный ответ на сотни лет колониального господства Англии. А пока об этом думают в Британии, такой фильм могли бы снять и у нас.

P.S. Да чего уж там мелочится, пусть всех западных лидеров негры играют. Если мы, славяне, не остановим эту западную заразу, то однажды Россией будет управлять «черный»! Негры, играющие «белых», — это прикрытие для «геев», чтобы проникнуть в «натурал» (нормальное) общество! Украина — это только начало, и россияне должны работать над тем, чтобы этот расовый (и извращенный) либерализм не проник в нашу страну! Мы должны послать четкий сигнал потерянной Британии – Россия не потерпит этого преднамеренного уничтожения славянской культуры!