Education: Preparing the Trough and Batting-Off the Bourgeois Piggies! (26.4.2023) 

Working-Class Comrades Know One nother Quite Naturally!

The Bourgeoisie (and their reactionary allies) are so corrupt and logically ‘inverted’ – that it is in their nature to attempt to ‘steal’ that which is shared openly! The average reader will have to sit with this statement for a few moments to allow its import to sink-in. If something is ‘free’ and ‘readily available’ – then why attempt to steal it? The programming of the pointless accumulation of ‘stuff’ lies at the dark heart of the Bourgeoisie (and its lackeys) on all sides of the political spectrum. The onus is always upon ‘more’ and never upon ‘enough’. Stealing is the norm and ungratefulness the policy. A major component of this ‘theft’ involves the stealing of labour from the working-class. This does not only involve the theft of productive labour (and the physical objects produced) but spills over into the realms of ‘intellectual’ productivity! Many attempt to ‘steal’ my academic work through their grasping and ungrateful minds – even though it lies in front of them already radiating ‘Internationalism’! To these silly people I would state you cannot ‘steal’ what is offered to you ‘freely’! 

We Must Never Forget the ‘Spirit’ of ‘Internationalism’ and ‘Collectiveness’!

Quite often, it is the case that a member of the (White) Bourgeoisie lacks the intellectual skills to understand the world they inhabit and the class privilege they enjoy! To resolve this matter, such individuals (and it is all about ‘individuality’) seek-out what they deem to be ‘free’ and ‘exploitable’ academic information supplied by working-class scholars. There is no respect during this interaction as the Bourgeoisie views itself as ‘superior’ even within its own obvious display of deficiency. A ‘lack of something’ for the Bourgeoisie is simply an opportunity for each to exercise their ‘superior’ skills in out-sourcing that which they do not already possess. Or, what you and me might call ‘stealing other people’s work’ (or ‘plagiarism’). This is the frequency found within Bourgeois society which defines this type of ‘crime’ as being entirely acceptable and lying ‘outside’ of the remit of conventional law.  

The Horrific Industrial Complex That Made the Working-Class!

Marx and Engels clearly saw through the capitalist system – and its representatives have been trying to get over the shock ever since! As for myself, I readily ‘share’ whatever academic and personal research I see fit. As a published (magazine and journal) author, and after appearing in the odd book, I understand that the Bourgeoisie controls society by withholding knowledge from the working-class and hindering its dissemination. As a working-class scholar (the product of a ‘Socialist’ Britain) – I share what I see fit through the internet – the path of least resistance and maximum effect. The data is presented ‘free’ at the point of encountering for the collective working-class to use as it sees fit (for its own empowerment). This is a matter of dialectical interaction that only looks forward and never becomes stuck in the present – and is not overly concerned about a past that no longer exists. As working-class dialectics is robust enough for the Soviet Red Army to take on all the combined and congealed ‘evil’ of Nazi Germany (and her allies) and prevail – it is incumbent upon us individual workers to display exactly the same adaptability within all circumstances! As the little ‘Bourgeois’ piggies come scampering to the trough – I will be keeping an eye on them… 

Education is the Key to Working-Class Power!